Saturday, July 23, 2016

No work = no $!

Thank you for the 2000+ "likes" on my FB page. I promised to do a giveaway when it hits 2k. Tell me what you all want ok? If not, let me go & think of what to give.

There's something I need to clarify... I refrained myself from posting my kids' photos here NOT becos I didn't spend my time with them. But becos I read a lot of news and articles on the risk of posting kids' photos on social media platforms. 

I'M AT HOME EVERYDAY. I send and pick Meimei everyday. I come home to watch my kids fight and cry everyday. (It's fucking annoying but I refrained myself from complaining here.) I'm with them 24 hours every weekends. 

So no idea why some smart ass who act like he/she knows me very well said until like I'm a failed mum? And he/she feels sad for my girls? 

Since you feel sad, come and take over my role. I don't boast what I do here doesn't mean I didn't do. Don't know why are there so many stupid people in this world? Stupid nvm, still wanna be smart ass. 

I have to work becos I need money. For their school fees, tuition, extra classes, school bus, pocket money, food, my car, my maid, myself & all the daily expenses. 

Again, since u feel sad for my girls, why not u work and give me money for all the expenses? So I can spend all my time with them, that will lessen your sadness. 

Hate people who talk without using brain.  

And hor, I don't think I ever mentioned that "I'm strong" for the previous few posts, cos I'm not? But one thing for sure, I'm smarter and more capable than you. That's becos I don't poke into others' affair. I got no time to do that. I spent all my time earning money. 

Talk about earning money, omg, I'm so excited about Monday. Just now, I received a "lobang" for a BMW 525i XL with a cheap depre from a direct owner. I blasted out to the dealers and they gave quite ridiculous price for it. But it's standard. 

Then, hahahahaha, I FOUND A DIRECT BUYER!!! Viewing car on Monday. I think I can be a dealer too. (Tolong Bo Pi all my referrals over this weekend will be successful.) 

Please don't feel sad for my girls, becos they have a smart and capable mum. You should feel sad for yourself cos you have no life until you have to interfere in my life.

You can never win me, on my blog. So don't be stupid to come and provoke me. And, I don't understand what's your "no offence" for when you obviously know you're offending me with all your bullshit? It's just like I gave you a slap and say no offence and expect you to smile at me. Dumb? No offence.

Sorry ah, the "trying very hard to get your ex bf's attention" is too fucking lame. Please explain which part of the post is even trying to get his attention? And why will he feel 反感 when he's the one asking me to move on?
Kindly refer to my last few posts again. Other than cars & work, what the fuck did I do or say that is contradicting? I'm talking about work all the time. 

If you're feeling "sour" over my "hot date", too bad I can't help you, cos he's indeed this capable. (Is it wrong to praise someone? Praising him doesn't mean I like him what! And sorry, I'm not impressed by his money or cars, I'm impressed by his thoughts, maturity and capability.) 

I'm a very rationale person. I know what I can do, what I can't do, what's right and what's wrong. I'm not desperate. If I am, I'll expect him to fetch me so I can take a photo inside his car and post publicly on FB, captioned "you make my day". 

We're just friends, and we only contact for work. I'm not his type, he's not my type. I thank him for teaching me a lot of things and his honesty. We will not proceed any further and will remain status quo. 


Humans are really weird. When I'm sad and down, people asked me to be strong and move on. Now I moved on, bucked up to work hard, people said I'm trying to get attention and asked me don't need to tell others "I'm strong"??? 
Simi lan? Get this clear. This is my blog. Don't teach me what to blog. If I've to listen to everyone, there's nothing I can blog anymore. Keep your bullshit comments to yourself. Do you know how crap you are? You come to my blog and tell me you feel sad for my girls, teach me how to be a mum, then tell me "no offence"? Fuck you. It's not that I can't take unfavourable comments, but I hate people accusing me.

If now, I'm out drinking and partying everyday, desperately meeting every man who wants to date me, don't bother about the kids at all, fine, I'll LL suck thumb take your comments for advice. 
But I don't. So you have NO RIGHT to say that. Get this very clear again. Now, I only want to work hard and build up something for myself, and earn more money for my kids and myself. Everything is only about work, not love, not man. 

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