Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Spreading out my wings!

The cars are making me sooooooooo busy. I still didn't receive the LTA pin, I camped in front of my letter box to wait for the postman. So excited when I saw the postman. Haha

So I rushed down to LTA, queued and retrieved a fucking new pin. Was asking my friend "since when LTA become so crowded?". Missed those days when I can cut queue becos I knew one of the higher officer there. (LTA was my 2nd home then.) After so long, I don't even know if she's still there, and I can't remember her name. FML

Lunch @ Orchard after LTA. 

The weather made me crave for beer. I feel like going to a cold country now. Maybe drive up to Genting after collecting Benz. (Who knows next post I'm already at Genting? Lol) 

Anyway, I'm officially joining the car trade, I asked them to print my name card already. I'm going to spread out my wings, distribute my card to all my dad's business friends, same trade associates, all my friends and their friends.


During the last stage of the r/s, my confidence level was hitted damn badly, till I felt I was such a burden, I gave him nothing but stress, for the mistakes he did. (Long story short, he lied and did plenty of nonsense behind my back, I found out. But no apology and God-knows-why it became my fault for distrust instead? Until now, I still didn't receive a single sorry. *shrug* Maybe he thinks it's right to do it.) Oh really? Am I so useless?

Sorry, I'm worth a lot. I just didn't have much chance to prove it. My creditibilty is valuable. People trusted me. 

A good staff is not one who refused to take salary and work for free (cos she has 0 sales?), but one who knows how to bring in money. Get it? :) If that's the case, might as well place a deity there. He will look after the place for you, no need salary too. 

Just too bad for those people who doesn't see my worth. I don't need them to see it too. 

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