Monday, July 4, 2016

Stupid pin!

Wah. I don't know if I should be pissed off with LTA or Singpost. The stupid pin (letter) made me go up and down, up and down, so many fucking times, wasted my precious petrol and time, but ended up with disappointment, and more disappointments. Never in my life I'm so enthu opening letter box. Hahahahahaha

Without the pin, I can't handover Beamer. 

While waiting for Mr postman at home, I found the best spot for selfie!!!

The lighting is so good. No need beauty cam, I also can be pretty. LOLOL I'm really good at 苦中作乐. Becos the weather is damn hot and it's making me so damn pekchek.

Today is not a good day. A friend whom I knew through ZY, passed away in his sleep suddenly. So young and sudden, cos he just commented on my FB awhile back. I was shocked. 
It hitted me suddenly too. That I should cherish my present, and all the people who are still around. In fact, through this issue, I found out I've many many friends who are really concerned about me. And they really supported me, becos of me. For this, I'm really really thankful. 
Even my precious Raeann, my goodness, she's so concerned about my LOVE LIFE. She peeped into my msgs and keep asking who is this, who is that, hahahah. 

I'm an open book. So if I'm really into another r/s, it won't be difficult to guess. Think the first thing is, I'll put on weight, lolol. 

Nice song to share... 你別擔心, 我不怕一個人站在雨裡. 除了你, 我找不到能快樂的意義. 眼淚帶給你的壓力太清晰. 我真的不是故意. 不是故意, 讓自己變得不再像自己. 為了你, 拼命想拿一百分而努力. 你卻離我越來越遠的距離, 直到我失去你. 真的不是故意.

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