Monday, July 11, 2016

The end of the end.

This is the longest time I took to recover from a r/s and I hope there won't be anymore next time, it's torturing.

Last 2 months - still trying to accept all the realities & truths, adapting to life without him and making changes to my life. Seriously, it's not an easy task. But changes is the only constant in life. 

And now, after speaking to him yesterday (even though he didn't reply much, but at least I've said my piece, taking back all my anger words, I hope he can do well, sincerely. I'm not one who hold onto grudges anyway), 我走了, b. 

Sometimes, it's not that you're still pinning hope (I don't cos I know we're not meant to be), but the memories that refused to leave your mind killed you. However, I think I've cried and grieved enough. 

I'll start accepting dates and allowing people into my heart now. :) 

And, no more thinking & talking about him. Enough. 


  1. 加油加油!你好坚强! 💪👍


  2. Happy tat u have walked out from it! Gambate!


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