Thursday, July 7, 2016

Welcome Benz Benz!

FINALLY. After so much hassle, you're mine!!! I'll love you till the end of life. (Hahaha this Meimei go and open the door when this photo is being snapped!) 

O'rite, I gotta be honest here (honesty is a virtue). I bought this car from my ex coll who has also left the company to venture out on his own. He's the one who dealed with me during Beamer's time too. 

Highly recommended!

Becos he's honest and straight to the point, like me. This deal is very transparent. He honestly tell me how much he earned from me, which I accept. Do business of cos must earn lah, if not do for what? I'm not an unreasonable person. You honestly tell me, I'll accept. 

And becos of one small dot, he went to respray the whole bonnet & door for me. He also changed brand new tyres for me. When I asked him "why?" becos I didn't request for it, he said "he don't wish to do one time business only". 

Which is so true, that's why I'm supporting him. I always always mention this, "words of mouth" is very very essential for a business. You do it properly, people will naturally recommend you to others. And I've recommended him to all my friends on FB. (Please privately email me for his contact if you want!) 

Why I didn't support my ex company? 

I'm not being revengeful or whatsoever, becos they are already none of my business. 

But one of the reason is, I DON'T WISH TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH 大婶!

Sorry, disgusting is the only word I can think of to describe her. So old already still lidat! (Not as if she's single somemore!) Tsk! I know I'll grow old one day too. But rest assured I won't be like her! It's funny, everyone is calling her 大婶 now!

In fact, all along, I've nothing against her at all (我对事不对人) cos I never see her as a threat before (that's how much I trusted him). To a point, I still worried that she will be jobless (not knowing that they did so much behind my back). It's her, she see me as an eyesore, banned me from Turf etc. (I only wanted to work, that's all!) She's the one giving problems, not me! Get this very clear. Becos I'm NOT a drama creator (I dislike attention!). I'm always at peace unless being provoked badly.

(I think he better don't employ anymore lady. If not she will always continue her old woman drama. Cry lah, emo lah, face black black lah, disappeared from work after reading my blog lah, post loving moments on company's FB lah etc etc etc! People worried about business, stressed over money. She worried about what I'll post on my blog, stressed over how loving we used to be. HAHAHA! I really wonder whose the one who caused him lidat today? Whose the one who made all the capable people by his side leave? No problem, they can continue. Please be happily ever after. Prove to me my leaving is worth.) 

Aiya. Don't think they need my business and referrals too. So I'm referring all my friends, relatives and family to this ex coll of mine now. Hope he can close them! :) 

Why C180? 

To be honest, I don't know. But I refused to change into a Japanese car becos of the OMV. 

I merely topped $800+ (cos I retained carplate) to change this car. Becos Beamer has very high parf value which saved me this time round. 

Just imagine if I'm scrapping a Jap car now and I only get back around $7k, where am I going to find the money to top for another car? 

Instalment & depreciation are around the same amount too. So yah, I'm not being hao-lian, I'm just thinking about long term. 

And in fact, it's a downgrade. Cos Beamer is bigger (2.5L). This is only 1.6L. I don't need such a big car and I can save on road tax! Heehee 

New ride! New life! 4599 I love you. Thanks J for the Prada keychain! :)

I'll blog more about the car functions when I'm done exploring it. It might take years cos I don't really like to do such thing. Hahaha 

If you're interested to know more about this car, I'll gladly tell you what I know. If you're interested to buy this car too, kindly contact me @ 90087688

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