Friday, July 8, 2016

Why I insisted on a Conti car?

Ben Ben; this name holds a very significant meaning to me since last year. Probably that's why I got this car? It's all fated. Sigh

Still trying to get used to this new ride, becos hor, Beamer's steering is super duper heavy, and this is so light. My car is still kinda empty cos I'm lazy. Hahaha 

This car is quite cool one. Got built in GPS and reverse cam. 

It also shows you where's your location. Too high tech already, I don't know how to use. LOL

Wah, this car 很有力 sia. Cut lane sup sup water! Love it! 

Anyway, I'm going to show a friend my car later. She initially wanted to get vezel, but after seeing my post, she might be getting C180 too. Heehee
I've asked. Still got a few units of C180 and C200. Who wants to view car? Lai lai. I showcase mine to you. Hahahaha 
No regret for getting this car, even my mum also said it's worth it. Let me give a detailed explanation of why I insisted on a conti car. Sorry, it's not about status or face, I don't care at all. I dress in cheap clothing and eat at hawkers (favourite). I might look high maintenance but I'm not. I seldom go out. My favourite hobby is to nua at home. LOL! You can ask anyone, it's very difficult to date me, unless it's about work? 
Okay. This is my own logic lah. You may disagree, of cos. 


When you change from...

Jap - Jap car, you have to top up around $10k.

Jap - Conti car, maybe around $20+k.

Conti - Conti/Jap, maybe $0. 

If not for my carplate retention, I still can get back some cash lor, lol. In this case, I'm very thankful to the person who asked me to buy Beamer. Thank you. Becos I spent all my money on my new house, and I've no money to top up now. 


A normal Jap car OMV is around 10-20k. Which means when you scrap, you probably get back less than $10k, you confirm, guarantee + chop have to find money to top up for your next car. Beamer OMV is $47k, Benz around $30+k. Moreover, a conti car definitely has better resale value. 


Currently, most of the cars' depre are over $10k/year. You can go and research, a Honda Stream's depre is about $13k/year. My current ride is at $14+k/year. That's of cos, I got Benz at a good price. (But yesterday when I asked C180 for my friend, he sent me two, at even better price, tmd.)


My mum bought a Hyundai Avante from him, and she's paying $1039 per month. Beamer @ $1265 and this current one also about the same as Beamer. Nowadays, most cars' monthly instalment will go over $1k. 

Even though I can full cash a Jap car now and relax for 2-3 years, but after that leh? If I'm still poor, how? Human nature leh, when you have less burden and more money, you will spend more, on things you can't see. 

So yah, this is why. It's not about wanting to show off. Nothing to show becos I'm at home/office almost 24/7. Show who? LOL

If you're also interested to get C180 or C200, please contact me @ 90087688

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