Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Love works both ways!

Wah jialat, my body has broke down 75%. I'm not so well now. Gonna take medicine and sleep very early tonight. 

Sorry, I'll not love a man who don't loves me. But I'll wish he can find his happiness instead. 

You don't try ways and means to ruin someone's happiness if you really love that person. This is not love. Love works both ways. And that's happiness.
Very random cos I'm very drowsy. Good night. I need to get well cos I need to give out goodie bags this Saturday, and I've two handovers too. And and and, my Gugu's Vezel, it's a major headache. Don't know why it's always her car, and only her car. Stresssssssssss!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dressing up Missy Orange!

So in love with orange now. Hope I can shine bright, like orange! :) 

Blog again, I'm totally exhausted today. Closed one deal, did hell lot of things! 

Oh yah, tomorrow is the last day of 7th month! Remember not to stay out too late! ^^

Monday, August 29, 2016

I don't like to owe...

Be it money or 人情, I just don't like to owe anyone. Therefore, I plan my finance very well. I'll not buy what I cannot afford and land myself in debts. (But I was landed in debts cos of my house!) I don't like to invest or gamble too. My life has been relatively peaceful becos I'm not a risk taker. I know I'll never make it big this way, but it's okay, I love peace.

First stage of claim for Beamer - Loss of use! FINALLY. 

I transferred 1/3 of it to my ex Coll who helped me with the claim, to thank him. He didn't ask for it, I wanted to give and approached him. I'm not a stingy person. I only take what I deserved. And I'll give without asking for returns. 

Whether people (whom don't know me well) think I'm a bitch or whatever, I don't care at all. I only play my part when it's necessary. 日久见人心, this verse is so so so true. 

Hahahahaha my bro made me LOL early in the morning. The story is ah, he told me he wanted E class and cheap depre. So I referred to the price list my dealer gave (existing and incoming cars) and told him there's an E230 coming soon, depre abt 14+k only. 

God knows how E230 looks like sia! It's damn funny lah. Hahahahaha 

It's like that de mah. So many requests, want big (he complained C class too small), want cheap, want low depre, want this, want that. So I just "follow" his requirements lo. 

He keeps changing his mind can. 523i, 528i, 535i, E250 etc. I asked him to decide liao then tell me. I'll find for him.

Felt a little unwell today. I think my body is breaking down very soon. I hope not. I'm jam packed tomorrow. I've to collect payment, test drive, car viewing, send car, collect documents & pass customer etc. 

Really is busy like crazy. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Have been repeating this song for monthsssssss... But the difference is, I no longer tear liao. It's a good sign. I'm recovering, regaining my happy go lucky self. Friends who have known me for a long time, know I'm a very cheerful and chirpy person. I don't show my sadness to anyone, except for the past few months. It's a joke!
But I'm glad, I always managed to overcome all my obstacles. Just like what Samantha said, I'm very lucky, becos whatever happened, I've people to fall back; my family and friends. Yes, indeed, I'm a lucky child. God loves me.
Perhaps, those obstacles I was being put through, are stages for me to grow up. I've grown up. I've seen more of the real world.
Human; not as simple as I thought. And I can't deny, I'm getting not so simple either. Not in a sense I'll go around harming or cheating people, but I learnt to protect myself more now. I've put up a fence so high that I can't trust anyone now. It's tiring actually, but I'm scared. I've been left helpless and penniless, I don't want it to happen again.
Lesson changed a person.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Double happiness!

A very impromptu deal, I closed one C200 today! Very decisive; see, test drive and confirmed on the spot. My bro's friend! He already told me they will buy on the spot liao. Up to me to push, any cars! So yeah, I closed!!! :) 

I was in the oven the whole day until 7+pm, sweat until my eyelashes almost dropped out. TMD! WHY IS TURF SO STUFFY? I literally walk round and round to 3 different lots cos my customers and car they wanted are everywhere. I'm there like 5 days a week now. My goodness. HOT HOT HOT. I need to buy a portable aircon.

Then hor, today my another customer collected his Vezel, his carplate came out 4D!!! (He's the 2nd customers that carplate came out zhun zhun on the same day within this month!) We all struck! Lucky lucky! Heehee (I got a feeling I'll strike 4D today de, cos my nose suddenly has a huge pimple. I forgot who told me before, it's a lucky sign. LOL! Strike 4D almost every week is quite shiok lah, but I don't like the pimple leh!)

It pays to be kind and hardworking! Now in my mind is work and only work. I got no time for other things at all. I'll chiong all the way until I made a name for myself. Hahaha 
Now, now. I need namecard! Who can help me design? Esther asked me to put my face, lolol. Can I use my blogger namecard instead? But I forgot where I put the whole lot of it liao! 

Or I put this face better? Lol

She wants to change after one year.

I've a list of cars to lookout for my customers now. My Sec sch friend suddenly msg me today, looking for C180! Then one of my blog reader also looking for C180/C200! Gonna get busy. Bye!

Thursday, August 25, 2016


For the first time, the ex husband msged me and say "I am sorry" (repeatedly). It's becos of Raeann. It took him such a long time to see my effort. I don't usually give up on someone or something easily. When I give up, it means I had enough. 

I closed another Vezel Sport today!!! Wah I really like this kind of decisive customer, just like me! Received this msg only at 10+pm last night, today buy liao! 

CRV postponed to Sat! Record breaking. 4th deal in a week for such market. Boss asked me to treat his place like my own soccer field, how I want to kick, I decide myself. Price also! He let me decide. Lol

I think he knows I'm a good decision maker. Okay, I need to keep this momentum going. Close 10 in one month, enough liao. Thanks for everyone's help and referrals. 

But my service is really good de hor. It doesn't ends when you collected your car. I'll still keep following up...

Making sure everything's okay. Not okay, I settle! I'll not shun responsiblity one, don't worry. 

I was at the workshop settling a car's roof lining this morning. (I also asked them to polish the whole interior!) And I'm paying for it. No choice ah, met with CB dealer. I just want to ensure everything is smooth and okay for all my customers. Money is secondary, I can earn it back one. Few hundred dollars to see through a person, worth it. There are 782675 dealers in SG, I don't need him at all.

Come, what car you want? Just tell me. I'll dig out one with good depre, condition and dealer for you. Not in a hurry? Nvm. Tell me what to look out for you. If I happened to have one, I'll call you. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Close close close!

This person is from Republic Auto! I quarrelled with him before! Hahaha 

Jialat. A lot of dealers tracked my FB liao. Lol! But no lah, I didn't add any of them. My FB is very clean one leh, I don't anyhow add people. They are very happy to see me can, asked me to go chit chat whenever I'm free. Hahaha (But WALAO, I hate Turf, it's like an oven. I hate all the memories there. I hate that I was being banned there for a super dramatic reason.)

One young salesman at AML see me as his idol, cos I'm sibei hardworking, and I drive a Merc. He don't know that I bought the car before I became a broker/agent/whatever lah.

Mercedes Benz, the status is there. But I didn't buy it cos of the status, I bought it blindly. But it somehow became my motivation to work hard, cos I've to make sure I earned enough to pay for it.

I closed two deals these two days. One of them is this Nissan! Yes, he bought! :) I want to follow my dad to go kpo around again. Maybe should learn to play golf too. Lol!

Everyone is lending me their helping hands now, referring people to me. Some can close, some can't, some takes a long time, some within few hours. But all in all, thank you everyone, with a very grateful heart. Whether I managed to close the deal or not, I thank all for remembering me. 
Look for me if you want to sell your car, I'll give you the best price! Confirm, guarantee + chop. Cos I can push the price up among all my dealers! Whoever give the highest, I'll inform you. Nice hor? I help you save time to ask around! Such service 那里找? Hahahaha
Same goes for buying car. No idea what car you want? No problem, come to me, I'll give my most honest opinion and intro good cars to you. Like a friend initially wanted a Camry or Accord. After some research, I think that the depre for these two Asian cars are crazy, so I intro him one Lexus IS250 (depre slightly higher but parf is higher and classier of cos) instead. He quite likes the car lah. Such service 那里找 again? LOL
The above Nissan also like that leh. He didn't specify what he wants, just briefly told me any Asian cars, 1.6, around 2-3 years left. So I just pushed this car lor and he's okay with it. Thank god for my dad friend's help also lah. Cos ah, they keep neh neh neh there, I no understand ah.
One dealer finally understand why I refused to get tied down by one company. Sitting and gossiping meaningless stuffs around can't get me more customers. I'd rather go kpo everywhere, find customers & get on good terms with dealers so they will give my customers better price and benefits. I really run the whole SG carmarts almost everyday.
But sorry hor, I don't go clubbing or drinking with any customers or dealers, I only kpo during office hours. Someone once told me there's no need to do such thing to get sales, but I wonder why he did that. Someone once told me he hates drinking and clubbing, but I wonder why he brought woman out to club, drink, made her drunk and brought her to god-knows-where when we were still together. Sigh

You can never put 100% trust in men. Cos you only ended up hurting yourself. 
It's okay. I have no regrets. The right one will appears one day. And he will be the one I fulfil all my dreams with. Maldives, Santorini and all over the world. I'm waiting for YOU.

From a reader. So much love from everyone around. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Orange is the new black!

Ho Ho Ho, what's in that orange box?! :) 

Losing a crap person in your life is actually a gain. As all the truths slowly unfold, though it still makes me dumb founded for a moment, I'm glad, very very glad to wake up from my "fantasy". I thank God for pulling me out from the liar world, I thank God for saving me.

A man who is unstable, will never stay faithful. No matter how good you're, he will stray means he will stray. It's in his gene or character, can't be changed. I'm glad I no longer have to share that dirty man with other women, be it an Aunty, or some property agent. CCB. Fuck all those I love you crap. Love never exist for him, he don't even know what's love. He played with feeling, thinking that everyone is as heartless as him. 

Stay far away from me please. Pretend not to know me if we ever meet again. Becos I'll walk away and pretend not to know you too. But I'll pray everyday, not to see you again. 

No, I won't curse you cos I want to remain kind as I am. I don't want to lose my kindness becos of a shit like you. For all the things you did, I can only say I'm not good enough for you. I hope you can find someone better. 

All the tears I shed for you, made me so much stronger today. Meeting you has become a lesson, not a gift. 
The person whom you gave up your everything for, fought against the whole world for, turned out to be the most evil person in your life, screwed your entire life upside down. I've met the worst, anyone that comes next will definitely be better. 

And oh, my luck is coming back! I've struck 4D twice! My life is turning around, and better of cos! 

I'll work very hard though I still haven't find my goal yet, but I'll work and work and work till I recover one day. The day when someone talks about him & I'll go "none of my business" and walk away. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

They're growing up, I'm growing old!

Hur, I abit regret mentioning the word "sweet", some of the comments really give me goosebumps, sorry. I need to find time to go through every single comment, and choose the winner. Tsk. Hard task. Lol, who want to help me? 

She played game on her iPad using his photo which she took last time & show me. The bond between them is strong, until I've no idea how to explain to her. Telling her he's just an illusion? Or he's no longer around? It's hard. Many times I just firmly said, "can you just forget about him?" I know, all the memories will fade one day, slowly. 

Brought the kids to choose their birthday present today! I've no time to do up a party in their school this year, but party favor will still be given. Ordered liao. Nothing extravagant, but customised, as usual. 

Becos this year I wish to do something special. I want them to give goodie bags (separately preparing) to those needy children. Buying goodies for 60 children is no joke, not the money, but the strength to carry everything. 
Time to let them learn not to take things for granted and be contented with what they have. Stop comparing and play their own part. Especially Miss Raeann Ho. She needs to know how fortunate she is. 

I'll have to stay over at Senja next weekend to pack all the goodie bags. It's kind of a ... dread. I've not been staying there for quite some time. Only go back to open letter box nia. 
I know it's a waste to leave it empty. I'm now trying to save for a wardrobe. My clothes are still in garbage bag, lolol. Actually, I've no idea what to do with that house also. It's quite sickening to think of it. No intention to stay, can't decide if I want to rent, worried that renting out will brings me more trouble. And it's really stupid. I spent so much money, time and effort, to rent it out? I really put in 500% effort. (I slim down a lot doing that house lor!) That's me! It's either I do, or don't do, there's no in between. 

Don't think I need this book, my willpower is very strong liao. Strong until people always think I'm very stubborn. I know I'm stubborn, but I'm not unreasonable. Many times, I insisted my way through, is to protect people I love. Often misunderstood by others, but I'm one who put people I love above myself. Haiz (And sorry, I won't pretend to be very nice to you and then harm you at the back.)

There must be someone who is firm enough to make decisions in a Company. I make the decision, I bear the responsibility. If anything goes wrong, I think of ways to solve it. I solve problems, I'm an asset, not a liability. #justsaying

Friday, August 19, 2016

Lunar 7th Month Taboo

Lol, my customer, which is my Senja's neighbour, referred by another neighbour, told me that his parents said 7th month cannot buy car. So he made an appointment with me on 3rd Sept, to test drive and place deposit (he has viewed the car already). Initially, I find it quite funny but then hor, I think he's not the only one leh.

In order to "counter" this problem, I've a suggestion... Look for Malay, Indian & Christian customers! LOLOLOL 

The Nissan customer today, I hope he won't change his mind. I'm very scare of such thing now, so I don't dare to pin any hope at all. He's an Indian, lol. No, I'm not racist, I'm okay with anyone, everyone as long as they didn't provoke me. Keeping my finger crossed, I hope this deal will go through on Monday.

If you're a nice and reliable dealer, I'll of cos put your cars as top priority to push to my customers. But if you're not, sorry, you will be blacklisted.

Be reasonable. If customer just collected car and problems started popping out in less than a week and it's not wear and tear, please bear the responsibility. Don't come and tell me shit like "if want everything new, buy a new car lah" or "go small claim lah" or "sue me lah". 

If this is how you handle, it's okay, I can pay for you. It's not about the money, it's about your own reputation and credibility. Business is all about "say what you mean, mean what you say", even if the profit is low or might have to lose money sometimes. Don't forget that your customer has their own referrals too. But once you're blacklisted, you'll forever be blacklisted by them and their circle of friends and family. (You can change your Company's name, but car trade is small and I'll warn all my customers!)

Please don't doubt my referral flow, I've a list of customers now. 

Bro - F10
Cousin - Hyundai
Cousin - Jap cars
Friend - Honda or Toyota 
Neighbour - Jap cars
Friend's intro - Van
Friend - Conti cars

I'm currently handling all these too. Keep it coming!!! I love being busy. Two handovers next week, I hope they don't fall on the same day cos the two places are quite far apart.
Hanor. I'm very responsible one. I'll be around during viewing, purchase and handover, unless it's too last minute and my appointment clashes. Even after-sale services; repair, talk to dealer etc, I'll always be around!
"To gain trust, be reliable and reachable."

Oh yah yah yah, people are very impressed by my "Swarovski pen namecard". I just ordered another batch today. Very expensive "namecard" I have, becos I'm not cheap, hahahahaha. Keep it, use it, my number is on it. Need to buy/sell car, find me! :) 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Car VS Used Car

Heh, I heard the market has been very quiet lately. There are no walk-in at Turf City or AML, even during the weekends. Some companies have zero sales till date. The economy is very bad now. Big companies folding, plenty of retrench everywhere. I hope things will get better soon. 

Long story short, a crane was sold, thus this sumptuous lunch today. Yes, I'm still working for my parents but I'm building my own career up now. I'm super thankful to be blessed with a very supportive mummy. Without my family support during this difficult time, I'd have died. 

Wanting to earn more money is not becos I love money, I want to provide for the people I love. I'm never stingy over money. When I earned more, I'll give more to my mum. She has never asked us for money before, but I just want to give. 

Oh yah, over the lunch, I kpo abit with my dad's business friend and lol, his friend wants to buy a Japanese used car. So I pushed him one Nissan from one of my trusted dealer and we are going to view the car tomorrow. I prefer to sell used car, it's more straight forward. 

I hate selling new cars. Price war everywhere, people compare price everywhere and ask you 7861486419 questions, but ended up buy from others cos they are cheaper? I don't mind they buy from others actually, if they can get better deal. 

Yesterday I quarrelled with one dealer. I think he should set his thinking right, I'm a referral, not his staff or partner. (He said that I didn't side him. Sorry, I don't side anyone, I argued with logics and facts!) My job is to intro his car to my customer, try to get the customer down, whatever that is deal between them, has nothing to do with me. If he don't wish to sell, then don't sell. I can find other car for my customer. 

His job is to check his car, ensure the car is in good working condition before he sell the car. Nobody fucking sell an AS IS condition car at a dealer's margin. 

Don't fucking come and ask me to share the cost of the repairs when his car sucks. Don't come and tell me becos my customer asked for discount and he didn't earn much. How the fuck will I know what's the cost and profit? Don't treat me like a fool. The margin should already includes those repairs cost. Don't tell me he's a businessman when he don't even know the principle of doing business, simply no ethical at all. 

Seriously, there's no obligation to be nice to me, I don't need you to, but you're obliged to make sure that your car is good, that's all. People who live in stone age should just wake up their idea. Internet and social medias are free. I understand that it's hard to do business in SG, but you have to understand that you're not the only one affected. It's hard to survive in SG, everyone is trying very hard to earn their own living. 

Anyway, I've a list of BLACKLISTED dealers on my book now. I'll never ever touch their fucking cars and I'll never ever let my customers touch their fucking cars too. They didn't provoke me personally, but they don't do business in a proper way. Buy at your own risk. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Many types of me!

My friend said I looked very different in this photo, so much prettier when I smile without showing my teeth. Lol 

I can dress up in many different ways; tee and jeans, office looks, dresses, shorts, skirts, but I'm still me. One dealer said, "Wah, u look so gentle, dress up so pretty, why are you in car trade?" I told her I used to be in jeans and tee everyday. Even in this photo, I was in jeans too. So the conclusion is, 人美就是美, hahaha!

But being pretty is useless, if you cannot find someone whom you can trust and rely on. You can only depend on you, yourself. 

Therefore women, please learn to protect and love yourself more. Earn your own money, and take care of yourself. Cos at the end of the day, all promises can be empty, everything can be just an illusion. Nothing is forever.

Don't wait till you're left stranded, helpless and penniless, then you cry, cos nobody will bother about you, even the man who claimed that he loves you.

A man who truly loves you, can't bear to hurt you at all. 

You might just kill yourself, if you're not strong enough. 

It's really tiring to be a woman in this era. You have to work, pay for the kids, look after kids, like as if you're a robot. People don't pity you becos they think that YOU SHOULD do it. It's your job. 

If I can turn back time, I'll choose to be single all the way, not giving anyone the chance to hurt me at all. But then again, everything is fated. I must have broke many men's heart in my previous life. My friend said I'm gonna get it again in my next life cos I broke many men's heart this life too, by rejecting them. TMD

Sorry lor, a full force rejection is better than leading them on. I cannot stop people from falling for me, but I can control myself. Self control is always the best discipline. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We Don't Talk Anymore

做人很累 hor? Sometimes, I don't even know why are we fighting so hard for? I'm tired, just very tired. Life has somehow loses it's meaning, for me. I thought changing focus to earning more money for myself and the kids will make my life more meaningful. But apparently, it didn't. 
True enough, if I'm poor now, I wouldn't have think this way. But well, I've never doubted my own capability before. I know I can earn becos I'm a fast pace workaholic, I just need to find a direction to go into. And it's fated that I'll meet him, and eventually got into car trade. It wasn't a plan, it's God will. 

I've been trying to find this "direction" since 10 years ago? Something that I'm interested in, and will work hard for it. I've no idea how long I can last though, but I'll keep trying until the day I get thrown to the ground bottom. It's just me, my determination is too strong.
Right now, I'm using this "work" to divert ALL my attention away, to numb all my pain. 

I've found my direction in my career, but I've lost the direction in myself. I don't know what I'm fighting for. No, I realised, it's not for money, earning more money doesn't makes me feel less empty. Money has never been a "love" for me. I won't get impressed by money, or expensive cars.
I sold 6 cars within two weeks. I made myself so busy everyday till I've no time for anything else. I've no mood for anything else too. I made myself very exhausted everyday. I'm glad I still haven't fall sick.
This is the only way I can think of now, to move on. My friend said I'll breakdown one day, but I seriously don't know how to help myself anymore. I need to move on, in a proper way. I'll not choose to find someone else to replace or getting myself drunk everyday. It's too childish. 

Perhaps, it's fated that I'll stay alone too. Becos God has already given me the strength to work like a man, to support myself and the kids. I think I'm a man trapped in a woman's body. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Not short enough leh!

Seriously, I think I'm quite chio in the photo, look abit like 宋慧乔, HAHAHAHAHA! 

Finally found time to fix my tresses, snipped away at least 2-3 inches. I wanted to cut short, like real short; shoulder length. But they keep asking me not to cut that short, not sexy liao. Aiyo, I'm not even sexy in the first place. Haha 
Have been really busy and I like it! I'm beginning to fall in love with this job, it keeps me really occupied. Actually, I've already met my target for August, cos I closed 3 deals in two days. (Accompanied my good bro for viewing today, hope he can decide what he wants soon, lolol.) 

Considered that I officially (suddenly) started this "job" on 19th July, I used 11 days to warm up and learn the basics. Then I started closing deal thereafter. Not bad already lah. (Those that I referred to my ex Company is a past, history now.) 谢谢大家! I'll continue to improve myself! :) 

But I didn't let myself rest at all. I'm still following up with all the potential buyers. Nope, I'm not pinning hope that they will buy. But I like them to ask me questions so I can learn, cos if I don't know, I'll ask people who know. 

Especially on new cars can. Like what's Honda sensing? Cruise control? Etc. 

I've really nice guidances around me, who is so willing to answer all my questions, helping me along the way. (Thank you all so much!) Now I can explain COE bidding like a pro liao hor. 

Getting into car trade was never a plan. I've no intention to get into it at all, becos if I do, I'd have learnt everything long ago. (I'm not stupid ok!) I'll not bother about things that doesn't concern me. 

Esther said I'm always staying in my own world, doing my own things only. I don't like to ask about people, talk about others, observe my surrounding & people etc. I don't. LOL

I'm just... bo chup. My bunny daughter is also like that one. So we will never be the ones who provoke people first cos we don't even bother about their existence. But when people crossed our line, lol, they will get it real badly. 

Actually have lah, I went to a club once with my ex colls last year, but I don't even know the club name leh. I was basically there for display only, a vase. 

LOLOL, Mr hot date!!! His friend's new club grand opening. I'm not lying hor, it's very very hard to date me. I seldom go out one. I always tell people I'm lazy, until I get scolded. One said, "Aunty, you continue cooping yourself at home, you will have lots of wrinkles!" Simi logic is that ah? LOL

So I asked him, "would you prefer a homely girlfriend/wife or one who loves to chiong and seldom at home? I'm a good woman ok!" Hahahaha 

Yah, I know I don't look like one as per described above, but I am one. That's why people can do so much behind my back. All I ever wanted is a honest & hardworking man, that's all. 

Then he jokingly said he wants candlelight dinner. I said I'll pay for the dinner, he can go with XXX (a guy). LOL
Becos both of them helped me with my Beamer's accident claim lah. The case has finally been discharged, after more than a year. I can get my "loss of use" soon. And medical, maybe few months later. (Could be more than $10k lor! I can buy 2 Chanel bags leh!) 
It was being dragged till a stage, no lawyer wanted to take up my case anymore. My medical etc, will all become trash. Not complaining or blaming anyone but thankful that it's not trash now.
天无绝人之路. If you're a nice person, God will send many people to help you (out of sudden) when you're left helpless. 
I'm really grateful for all the support and help rendered. I'll continue to work hard, be strong and fight for my kids and myself. 加油!!! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

很多 pattern!

Hahahaha really is pattern more than badminton sia. I don't want to print namecard, I print pens. Cos namecard people will throw, pen people can use. They will never forget my number! Lol

Oh my, tomorrow COE bidding is really... quite scary. I hope it will go down cos I've potential customers (didn't pin any hope though) for Vezel and Shuttle on hand now. I've to update them the new pricing tomorrow.

Aiya, I've many friends whose car is expiring very soon. They're only hoping for COE to go down nia. Though they might not buy through me, I still hope they can get their best deal lor. 

Lol, Esther is mad funny can! Today, bank called her at 5pm, she called me after that. "Joanne, bank just called me. Now I go pay downpayment and take my car." Hahahaha I guess I'm the only one who is so not excited to collect new car. I can drag how long, I drag, lol. 

Now this group chat is so happening!!! Lol so funny. Esther is asking hot date what kind of girls he likes! A case of "happy buyer and happy seller", I achieved my motto! :) 

I'm flooded with group chats now, of different cars as topic. I keep msging at the wrong chat window sia. 

Okay, I go continue the funny chat liao. Bye! 

Monday, August 1, 2016

My humble opinion on...

Parallel Importer

Yes. I have new cars too. 
(I'm waiting to close the deal before publishing this post. Not long, less than 1 week.)

For PI, price is not the main concern for some people. First question they will ask, "are they reliable?"

Some people buy, based on trust. They don't mind paying more, to feel safe becos they trusted you. Thus, if you screwed them up, you're not only ruining your own reputation but also ruining the trust people have on you. 

I'll not risk my reputation and credibility like that. I'll get myself into trouble if they screwed my referral up. So I repeat, I only deal with people who are trustworthy, not those who over-promised and under-delivered. (When it's too good to be true, it's not true!)

Gentle Reminder: Do remember to clarify all your doubts when I bring you down.

This deal was quite fast, done within 4 hours. (As compared to those that took months to think lah!) He bought at $111,800, 1 bid guaranteed with good trade-in value plus many accessories and he's very very happy with the deal.

For new cars, I'll always advise my customers to take ready stock, vitas ready and 1 bid guaranteed if possible. Pay abit more, get the case closed within 3 weeks. Save the troubles and nightmares for them & myself. 

The "waiting for delivery" period can be traumatising. Sometimes, it's not the dealer's fault, but delivery can be dragged for a month or two pass the delivery date. That's when people started to panick, worried about scam etc. 
Well, it's your hard earned money afterall. Spend it wisely, buy only from people you can trust. On my part (if you trust me lah), I'll do all the coordination until you get your car. Don't worry, there's no charges on the buyer, you don't have to pay me a single cent.

Direct Owner Sales

Beside dealers, I've a few direct owner cars on hand too. These people can't get their desired price from the dealers, and thus prefer to deal with buyer directly. My job is to "find" buyer for them.

I've tied up with insurance and loan agents so don't worry about all the paperwork.

This person is letting go his 5 years old C180 (1.8L) with all the accessories and his beautiful carplate together @ $99,800. The grill is so chio!!! 

The only negative thing about direct owner sales is that there is no lemon law. Therefore, you need to ask and check everything very very carefully before purchase. Don't ask me to check, I know nuts about car. If you also know nuts about car, you may choose to send it to a workshop to check for you lor. 

That's about all. I guess my only "motto" as a car agent/broker/whatever is to make both a "happy buyer & happy seller". Quoting my ex Coll, "I don't want to do one time business". 

For any enquiry, feel free to contact me @ 90087688. No obligation. 

Cheers! Beer is good for health! Drink more! Lol