Thursday, August 25, 2016


For the first time, the ex husband msged me and say "I am sorry" (repeatedly). It's becos of Raeann. It took him such a long time to see my effort. I don't usually give up on someone or something easily. When I give up, it means I had enough. 

I closed another Vezel Sport today!!! Wah I really like this kind of decisive customer, just like me! Received this msg only at 10+pm last night, today buy liao! 

CRV postponed to Sat! Record breaking. 4th deal in a week for such market. Boss asked me to treat his place like my own soccer field, how I want to kick, I decide myself. Price also! He let me decide. Lol

I think he knows I'm a good decision maker. Okay, I need to keep this momentum going. Close 10 in one month, enough liao. Thanks for everyone's help and referrals. 

But my service is really good de hor. It doesn't ends when you collected your car. I'll still keep following up...

Making sure everything's okay. Not okay, I settle! I'll not shun responsiblity one, don't worry. 

I was at the workshop settling a car's roof lining this morning. (I also asked them to polish the whole interior!) And I'm paying for it. No choice ah, met with CB dealer. I just want to ensure everything is smooth and okay for all my customers. Money is secondary, I can earn it back one. Few hundred dollars to see through a person, worth it. There are 782675 dealers in SG, I don't need him at all.

Come, what car you want? Just tell me. I'll dig out one with good depre, condition and dealer for you. Not in a hurry? Nvm. Tell me what to look out for you. If I happened to have one, I'll call you. 

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