Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Close close close!

This person is from Republic Auto! I quarrelled with him before! Hahaha 

Jialat. A lot of dealers tracked my FB liao. Lol! But no lah, I didn't add any of them. My FB is very clean one leh, I don't anyhow add people. They are very happy to see me can, asked me to go chit chat whenever I'm free. Hahaha (But WALAO, I hate Turf, it's like an oven. I hate all the memories there. I hate that I was being banned there for a super dramatic reason.)

One young salesman at AML see me as his idol, cos I'm sibei hardworking, and I drive a Merc. He don't know that I bought the car before I became a broker/agent/whatever lah.

Mercedes Benz, the status is there. But I didn't buy it cos of the status, I bought it blindly. But it somehow became my motivation to work hard, cos I've to make sure I earned enough to pay for it.

I closed two deals these two days. One of them is this Nissan! Yes, he bought! :) I want to follow my dad to go kpo around again. Maybe should learn to play golf too. Lol!

Everyone is lending me their helping hands now, referring people to me. Some can close, some can't, some takes a long time, some within few hours. But all in all, thank you everyone, with a very grateful heart. Whether I managed to close the deal or not, I thank all for remembering me. 
Look for me if you want to sell your car, I'll give you the best price! Confirm, guarantee + chop. Cos I can push the price up among all my dealers! Whoever give the highest, I'll inform you. Nice hor? I help you save time to ask around! Such service 那里找? Hahahaha
Same goes for buying car. No idea what car you want? No problem, come to me, I'll give my most honest opinion and intro good cars to you. Like a friend initially wanted a Camry or Accord. After some research, I think that the depre for these two Asian cars are crazy, so I intro him one Lexus IS250 (depre slightly higher but parf is higher and classier of cos) instead. He quite likes the car lah. Such service 那里找 again? LOL
The above Nissan also like that leh. He didn't specify what he wants, just briefly told me any Asian cars, 1.6, around 2-3 years left. So I just pushed this car lor and he's okay with it. Thank god for my dad friend's help also lah. Cos ah, they keep neh neh neh there, I no understand ah.
One dealer finally understand why I refused to get tied down by one company. Sitting and gossiping meaningless stuffs around can't get me more customers. I'd rather go kpo everywhere, find customers & get on good terms with dealers so they will give my customers better price and benefits. I really run the whole SG carmarts almost everyday.
But sorry hor, I don't go clubbing or drinking with any customers or dealers, I only kpo during office hours. Someone once told me there's no need to do such thing to get sales, but I wonder why he did that. Someone once told me he hates drinking and clubbing, but I wonder why he brought woman out to club, drink, made her drunk and brought her to god-knows-where when we were still together. Sigh

You can never put 100% trust in men. Cos you only ended up hurting yourself. 
It's okay. I have no regrets. The right one will appears one day. And he will be the one I fulfil all my dreams with. Maldives, Santorini and all over the world. I'm waiting for YOU.

From a reader. So much love from everyone around. 

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