Saturday, August 27, 2016

Double happiness!

A very impromptu deal, I closed one C200 today! Very decisive; see, test drive and confirmed on the spot. My bro's friend! He already told me they will buy on the spot liao. Up to me to push, any cars! So yeah, I closed!!! :) 

I was in the oven the whole day until 7+pm, sweat until my eyelashes almost dropped out. TMD! WHY IS TURF SO STUFFY? I literally walk round and round to 3 different lots cos my customers and car they wanted are everywhere. I'm there like 5 days a week now. My goodness. HOT HOT HOT. I need to buy a portable aircon.

Then hor, today my another customer collected his Vezel, his carplate came out 4D!!! (He's the 2nd customers that carplate came out zhun zhun on the same day within this month!) We all struck! Lucky lucky! Heehee (I got a feeling I'll strike 4D today de, cos my nose suddenly has a huge pimple. I forgot who told me before, it's a lucky sign. LOL! Strike 4D almost every week is quite shiok lah, but I don't like the pimple leh!)

It pays to be kind and hardworking! Now in my mind is work and only work. I got no time for other things at all. I'll chiong all the way until I made a name for myself. Hahaha 
Now, now. I need namecard! Who can help me design? Esther asked me to put my face, lolol. Can I use my blogger namecard instead? But I forgot where I put the whole lot of it liao! 

Or I put this face better? Lol

She wants to change after one year.

I've a list of cars to lookout for my customers now. My Sec sch friend suddenly msg me today, looking for C180! Then one of my blog reader also looking for C180/C200! Gonna get busy. Bye!

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