Monday, August 29, 2016

I don't like to owe...

Be it money or 人情, I just don't like to owe anyone. Therefore, I plan my finance very well. I'll not buy what I cannot afford and land myself in debts. (But I was landed in debts cos of my house!) I don't like to invest or gamble too. My life has been relatively peaceful becos I'm not a risk taker. I know I'll never make it big this way, but it's okay, I love peace.

First stage of claim for Beamer - Loss of use! FINALLY. 

I transferred 1/3 of it to my ex Coll who helped me with the claim, to thank him. He didn't ask for it, I wanted to give and approached him. I'm not a stingy person. I only take what I deserved. And I'll give without asking for returns. 

Whether people (whom don't know me well) think I'm a bitch or whatever, I don't care at all. I only play my part when it's necessary. 日久见人心, this verse is so so so true. 

Hahahahaha my bro made me LOL early in the morning. The story is ah, he told me he wanted E class and cheap depre. So I referred to the price list my dealer gave (existing and incoming cars) and told him there's an E230 coming soon, depre abt 14+k only. 

God knows how E230 looks like sia! It's damn funny lah. Hahahahaha 

It's like that de mah. So many requests, want big (he complained C class too small), want cheap, want low depre, want this, want that. So I just "follow" his requirements lo. 

He keeps changing his mind can. 523i, 528i, 535i, E250 etc. I asked him to decide liao then tell me. I'll find for him.

Felt a little unwell today. I think my body is breaking down very soon. I hope not. I'm jam packed tomorrow. I've to collect payment, test drive, car viewing, send car, collect documents & pass customer etc. 

Really is busy like crazy. 

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