Friday, August 19, 2016

Lunar 7th Month Taboo

Lol, my customer, which is my Senja's neighbour, referred by another neighbour, told me that his parents said 7th month cannot buy car. So he made an appointment with me on 3rd Sept, to test drive and place deposit (he has viewed the car already). Initially, I find it quite funny but then hor, I think he's not the only one leh.

In order to "counter" this problem, I've a suggestion... Look for Malay, Indian & Christian customers! LOLOLOL 

The Nissan customer today, I hope he won't change his mind. I'm very scare of such thing now, so I don't dare to pin any hope at all. He's an Indian, lol. No, I'm not racist, I'm okay with anyone, everyone as long as they didn't provoke me. Keeping my finger crossed, I hope this deal will go through on Monday.

If you're a nice and reliable dealer, I'll of cos put your cars as top priority to push to my customers. But if you're not, sorry, you will be blacklisted.

Be reasonable. If customer just collected car and problems started popping out in less than a week and it's not wear and tear, please bear the responsibility. Don't come and tell me shit like "if want everything new, buy a new car lah" or "go small claim lah" or "sue me lah". 

If this is how you handle, it's okay, I can pay for you. It's not about the money, it's about your own reputation and credibility. Business is all about "say what you mean, mean what you say", even if the profit is low or might have to lose money sometimes. Don't forget that your customer has their own referrals too. But once you're blacklisted, you'll forever be blacklisted by them and their circle of friends and family. (You can change your Company's name, but car trade is small and I'll warn all my customers!)

Please don't doubt my referral flow, I've a list of customers now. 

Bro - F10
Cousin - Hyundai
Cousin - Jap cars
Friend - Honda or Toyota 
Neighbour - Jap cars
Friend's intro - Van
Friend - Conti cars

I'm currently handling all these too. Keep it coming!!! I love being busy. Two handovers next week, I hope they don't fall on the same day cos the two places are quite far apart.
Hanor. I'm very responsible one. I'll be around during viewing, purchase and handover, unless it's too last minute and my appointment clashes. Even after-sale services; repair, talk to dealer etc, I'll always be around!
"To gain trust, be reliable and reachable."

Oh yah yah yah, people are very impressed by my "Swarovski pen namecard". I just ordered another batch today. Very expensive "namecard" I have, becos I'm not cheap, hahahahaha. Keep it, use it, my number is on it. Need to buy/sell car, find me! :) 


  1. Really like your truthfulness and responsible character. How not to like and follow ur blog? 😘

    Christine Lee


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