Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Many types of me!

My friend said I looked very different in this photo, so much prettier when I smile without showing my teeth. Lol 

I can dress up in many different ways; tee and jeans, office looks, dresses, shorts, skirts, but I'm still me. One dealer said, "Wah, u look so gentle, dress up so pretty, why are you in car trade?" I told her I used to be in jeans and tee everyday. Even in this photo, I was in jeans too. So the conclusion is, 人美就是美, hahaha!

But being pretty is useless, if you cannot find someone whom you can trust and rely on. You can only depend on you, yourself. 

Therefore women, please learn to protect and love yourself more. Earn your own money, and take care of yourself. Cos at the end of the day, all promises can be empty, everything can be just an illusion. Nothing is forever.

Don't wait till you're left stranded, helpless and penniless, then you cry, cos nobody will bother about you, even the man who claimed that he loves you.

A man who truly loves you, can't bear to hurt you at all. 

You might just kill yourself, if you're not strong enough. 

It's really tiring to be a woman in this era. You have to work, pay for the kids, look after kids, like as if you're a robot. People don't pity you becos they think that YOU SHOULD do it. It's your job. 

If I can turn back time, I'll choose to be single all the way, not giving anyone the chance to hurt me at all. But then again, everything is fated. I must have broke many men's heart in my previous life. My friend said I'm gonna get it again in my next life cos I broke many men's heart this life too, by rejecting them. TMD

Sorry lor, a full force rejection is better than leading them on. I cannot stop people from falling for me, but I can control myself. Self control is always the best discipline. 

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