Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Car VS Used Car

Heh, I heard the market has been very quiet lately. There are no walk-in at Turf City or AML, even during the weekends. Some companies have zero sales till date. The economy is very bad now. Big companies folding, plenty of retrench everywhere. I hope things will get better soon. 

Long story short, a crane was sold, thus this sumptuous lunch today. Yes, I'm still working for my parents but I'm building my own career up now. I'm super thankful to be blessed with a very supportive mummy. Without my family support during this difficult time, I'd have died. 

Wanting to earn more money is not becos I love money, I want to provide for the people I love. I'm never stingy over money. When I earned more, I'll give more to my mum. She has never asked us for money before, but I just want to give. 

Oh yah, over the lunch, I kpo abit with my dad's business friend and lol, his friend wants to buy a Japanese used car. So I pushed him one Nissan from one of my trusted dealer and we are going to view the car tomorrow. I prefer to sell used car, it's more straight forward. 

I hate selling new cars. Price war everywhere, people compare price everywhere and ask you 7861486419 questions, but ended up buy from others cos they are cheaper? I don't mind they buy from others actually, if they can get better deal. 

Yesterday I quarrelled with one dealer. I think he should set his thinking right, I'm a referral, not his staff or partner. (He said that I didn't side him. Sorry, I don't side anyone, I argued with logics and facts!) My job is to intro his car to my customer, try to get the customer down, whatever that is deal between them, has nothing to do with me. If he don't wish to sell, then don't sell. I can find other car for my customer. 

His job is to check his car, ensure the car is in good working condition before he sell the car. Nobody fucking sell an AS IS condition car at a dealer's margin. 

Don't fucking come and ask me to share the cost of the repairs when his car sucks. Don't come and tell me becos my customer asked for discount and he didn't earn much. How the fuck will I know what's the cost and profit? Don't treat me like a fool. The margin should already includes those repairs cost. Don't tell me he's a businessman when he don't even know the principle of doing business, simply no ethical at all. 

Seriously, there's no obligation to be nice to me, I don't need you to, but you're obliged to make sure that your car is good, that's all. People who live in stone age should just wake up their idea. Internet and social medias are free. I understand that it's hard to do business in SG, but you have to understand that you're not the only one affected. It's hard to survive in SG, everyone is trying very hard to earn their own living. 

Anyway, I've a list of BLACKLISTED dealers on my book now. I'll never ever touch their fucking cars and I'll never ever let my customers touch their fucking cars too. They didn't provoke me personally, but they don't do business in a proper way. Buy at your own risk. 

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