Friday, August 5, 2016

Not short enough leh!

Seriously, I think I'm quite chio in the photo, look abit like 宋慧乔, HAHAHAHAHA! 

Finally found time to fix my tresses, snipped away at least 2-3 inches. I wanted to cut short, like real short; shoulder length. But they keep asking me not to cut that short, not sexy liao. Aiyo, I'm not even sexy in the first place. Haha 
Have been really busy and I like it! I'm beginning to fall in love with this job, it keeps me really occupied. Actually, I've already met my target for August, cos I closed 3 deals in two days. (Accompanied my good bro for viewing today, hope he can decide what he wants soon, lolol.) 

Considered that I officially (suddenly) started this "job" on 19th July, I used 11 days to warm up and learn the basics. Then I started closing deal thereafter. Not bad already lah. (Those that I referred to my ex Company is a past, history now.) 谢谢大家! I'll continue to improve myself! :) 

But I didn't let myself rest at all. I'm still following up with all the potential buyers. Nope, I'm not pinning hope that they will buy. But I like them to ask me questions so I can learn, cos if I don't know, I'll ask people who know. 

Especially on new cars can. Like what's Honda sensing? Cruise control? Etc. 

I've really nice guidances around me, who is so willing to answer all my questions, helping me along the way. (Thank you all so much!) Now I can explain COE bidding like a pro liao hor. 

Getting into car trade was never a plan. I've no intention to get into it at all, becos if I do, I'd have learnt everything long ago. (I'm not stupid ok!) I'll not bother about things that doesn't concern me. 

Esther said I'm always staying in my own world, doing my own things only. I don't like to ask about people, talk about others, observe my surrounding & people etc. I don't. LOL

I'm just... bo chup. My bunny daughter is also like that one. So we will never be the ones who provoke people first cos we don't even bother about their existence. But when people crossed our line, lol, they will get it real badly. 

Actually have lah, I went to a club once with my ex colls last year, but I don't even know the club name leh. I was basically there for display only, a vase. 

LOLOL, Mr hot date!!! His friend's new club grand opening. I'm not lying hor, it's very very hard to date me. I seldom go out one. I always tell people I'm lazy, until I get scolded. One said, "Aunty, you continue cooping yourself at home, you will have lots of wrinkles!" Simi logic is that ah? LOL

So I asked him, "would you prefer a homely girlfriend/wife or one who loves to chiong and seldom at home? I'm a good woman ok!" Hahahaha 

Yah, I know I don't look like one as per described above, but I am one. That's why people can do so much behind my back. All I ever wanted is a honest & hardworking man, that's all. 

Then he jokingly said he wants candlelight dinner. I said I'll pay for the dinner, he can go with XXX (a guy). LOL
Becos both of them helped me with my Beamer's accident claim lah. The case has finally been discharged, after more than a year. I can get my "loss of use" soon. And medical, maybe few months later. (Could be more than $10k lor! I can buy 2 Chanel bags leh!) 
It was being dragged till a stage, no lawyer wanted to take up my case anymore. My medical etc, will all become trash. Not complaining or blaming anyone but thankful that it's not trash now.
天无绝人之路. If you're a nice person, God will send many people to help you (out of sudden) when you're left helpless. 
I'm really grateful for all the support and help rendered. I'll continue to work hard, be strong and fight for my kids and myself. 加油!!! 

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