Monday, August 22, 2016

Orange is the new black!

Ho Ho Ho, what's in that orange box?! :) 

Losing a crap person in your life is actually a gain. As all the truths slowly unfold, though it still makes me dumb founded for a moment, I'm glad, very very glad to wake up from my "fantasy". I thank God for pulling me out from the liar world, I thank God for saving me.

A man who is unstable, will never stay faithful. No matter how good you're, he will stray means he will stray. It's in his gene or character, can't be changed. I'm glad I no longer have to share that dirty man with other women, be it an Aunty, or some property agent. CCB. Fuck all those I love you crap. Love never exist for him, he don't even know what's love. He played with feeling, thinking that everyone is as heartless as him. 

Stay far away from me please. Pretend not to know me if we ever meet again. Becos I'll walk away and pretend not to know you too. But I'll pray everyday, not to see you again. 

No, I won't curse you cos I want to remain kind as I am. I don't want to lose my kindness becos of a shit like you. For all the things you did, I can only say I'm not good enough for you. I hope you can find someone better. 

All the tears I shed for you, made me so much stronger today. Meeting you has become a lesson, not a gift. 
The person whom you gave up your everything for, fought against the whole world for, turned out to be the most evil person in your life, screwed your entire life upside down. I've met the worst, anyone that comes next will definitely be better. 

And oh, my luck is coming back! I've struck 4D twice! My life is turning around, and better of cos! 

I'll work very hard though I still haven't find my goal yet, but I'll work and work and work till I recover one day. The day when someone talks about him & I'll go "none of my business" and walk away. 

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