Tuesday, August 2, 2016

很多 pattern!

Hahahaha really is pattern more than badminton sia. I don't want to print namecard, I print pens. Cos namecard people will throw, pen people can use. They will never forget my number! Lol

Oh my, tomorrow COE bidding is really... quite scary. I hope it will go down cos I've potential customers (didn't pin any hope though) for Vezel and Shuttle on hand now. I've to update them the new pricing tomorrow.

Aiya, I've many friends whose car is expiring very soon. They're only hoping for COE to go down nia. Though they might not buy through me, I still hope they can get their best deal lor. 

Lol, Esther is mad funny can! Today, bank called her at 5pm, she called me after that. "Joanne, bank just called me. Now I go pay downpayment and take my car." Hahahaha I guess I'm the only one who is so not excited to collect new car. I can drag how long, I drag, lol. 

Now this group chat is so happening!!! Lol so funny. Esther is asking hot date what kind of girls he likes! A case of "happy buyer and happy seller", I achieved my motto! :) 

I'm flooded with group chats now, of different cars as topic. I keep msging at the wrong chat window sia. 

Okay, I go continue the funny chat liao. Bye! 


  1. Hi babe, how to have your print pens? Sell or give? Thanks babe

    1. Gift to my customers! :) ? As buying anything include your carousell items anot?

    2. Lol, sorry, it's for car customer only. Cos I've to pass them personally mah. :)

    3. Oh so sad. Carousell buyer also can pass them personally even go to your place to collect the item? Haha.

    4. Hi babe, so is it possible for carousell buyer to get the gift from you too? If only you don't mind, going to your place to buy the item and have a photo taking with you my fav blogger. You are such a strong woman, so proud of you. From your supportive reader.

      If you don't mind this's my carousell: https://carousell.com/sadness
      Thanks babe

    5. Wah. U sounds like I'm a celebrity sia! Lolol ok I'll give u a pen, but no need photo taking lah, so weird. Haha


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