Saturday, September 3, 2016

I need a life!

Project Love Lunch cum Goodie Bags went on smoothly today! Will blog about it when I'm free ba! Now got no mood leh.
Someone said I'm skinny like hell! Walao eh, I'm not skinny, I'm still sick! But I really need to start taking care of my face and myself again. Have been too busy to do so lately. Time for some shopping, spa, massage and hi-tea! I need a life!!!
So fucking bored on a Saturday night. 50% of me don't feel like going out so I cancelled the plan. But 25% of the 50% of me feel damn fucking bored. How ah lidat?
Everyone keep telling me the same thing lor... "YOU SHOULD GO OUT MORE!" Ok ok ok, I'll go out more now. Mingle around more, know more people, and who knows I'll meet The One, right? 

Fortune teller said I'll meet someone soon. But can don't send me young boy? Lol, 我过不了自己那关勒! 

I think I should take a break for a solo trip again! Where to this time round? 

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