Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I treat everyone the same!

I think God is paying me back bit by bit now. Heehee! I'm blessed. 

Unbelievable things do happen. 

Carousell uncle really turned up to pay deposit at 9+am yesterday. And you know, he really trust me. He told the saleman, he trust me, not him, lol. For someone who has not met me before, who don't know me at all, it's unbelievable for the trust. But, thank you. I'll fight for the best deal for him, even if I don't earn a single cent. I hope his deal go through smoothly! *pray* 

Becos I might have chance to close 5-6 Vezel or Shuttle at once. *pray again*

It's irony how those not very well to do people know that you're earning referral fee from their deal but gladly let you earn becos they understand that you need to make a living too, and you deserved it for the services you provide. While those richer ones are CCB niao, not all though. I'm saying in general, not pin pointing anyone.

They niao until they want to squeeze dry every bit from everyone. They think that people shouldn't earn their money at all. "Steady" this word is never in their dictionary. Breaking their promise and agreement by saving $100, they also happy. But they didn't know that they lose their own credibility, in a way. 
If I didn't fight for you, you will not know what you can get. Do you think they will volunteerily offer you all the things and earn lesser? Ha! Some people are just not appreciative. You meant well to protect them to get a fair deal, and ended up, they "threatened" you with counter offers.
These type of people ah, sure kena carrot more one, becos they think they're damn smart. Dealers are not stupid. You think you know them? Think again.

Hate those sour grape dealers who "counter offer" after people signed agreement. Why didn't they offer it before you buy? So low class to do business lidat! No ability to find your own customer? 

Sorry hor, I'm this direct and straight forward towards everyone. I don't care who you are. But I'm certainly NOT unreasonable. 

Hahahahaha I see his contact name I wanna laugh. He loves his company so much that he has been non stop advertising for them since day 1. He kena scolded by me the first time we contact. That's why he 领教过! LOLOL
I'm just a woman with character. I don't like to compare and compete. And most of the time, I'm living in my own world, doing my own things. Good becos I don't waste my time on nonsense and be a bimbo. Bad cos I trusted wrong people too much, and get cheated easily. 

But you know, lessons and experiences made people learn. So I'm still thankful to the wrong people in my life, becos they made me learn. 

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  1. Sometimes when i read ur post... I always pray that Raeann will be like you one day.. Saw ur rant the other day but don wanna comment as i know what it feels like when she gives you ur tantrum and it is very difficult for u to manage as she still your child no matter what and u are still her mum :(

    I guess it is always easy for outsiders to comment when they are not in your shoes and u are always in a difficult position as someone always make your life difficult when u are trying to teach her..

    Maybe u need to let her suffer a bit so that she can learn to be more appreciative?

    Just like how u stood urself up and climbed up after u had fallen.. If u can do it.. Ur daughter can too.. I know it is not easy.. Hang on there i believe one day she will see ur efforts provided nobody mess it up for u again :(


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