Friday, September 16, 2016

Just a little token!

Everytime I sell a car, the thing I worry most is... LOAN. Cos deal might be cancelled if customer has to top up too much. Not everyone can afford to top up. Haiz

Let's just hope every deal will go through smoothly. And everyone will be happy! It's really not about the money sometimes. But more about the disappointment. Everyone will be affected! 

New batch of gifts just arrived. God knows why I love to buy all these so much. I love gifting people! I love buying food for people! Lol

Just a little token from me, to thank people for their trust and support! :)

Met up for car viewing with a very direct (just like me sia) and cute blog reader today! She's really like me. Like, buy, no hassle.

My mentality is like, "Hey, life is short! Good thing/deal/car/people don't wait for you. If like, just grab. Cos you might not find another one you like so much. And end up settling for anyone." 

How many people are lidat? I don't wish to have anymore regrets in life. I don't even know when I will die. 

I've another appointment with another blog reader tomorrow. Early noon doing handover of the Lexus IS250 I sold last evening. Fastest deal ever. 

I've attained the highest level of selling cars...

Sell until people want to marry me! LOLOL 

Wahahahahaha this fatty Meimei is soooooo funny. I noticed one "or ki" (mole) on her face, so I asked why is there such a big "or ki". She said, "No lah, it's not or ki, it's makeup, cos I want to be Harley Quinn." (God knows who is Harley Quinn, she said is joker's gf!) 

Then I said I want to take a photo of her. She said, "wait wait wait, I go wear my Harley Quinn suit first!" 


I went to google about Harley Quinn and asked her where's the or ki, don't have leh. 

She replied, "Oh fine, I'll clean away the or ki." 



  1. Hi Joanne, I'm 1 of your blog reader understand that you are dealing with cars. My hubby is looking out for 2nd hand car any good deal? Below 50K can get a decent SUV?


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