Saturday, September 24, 2016

Let's party!

Joanne sings... 原来你是我最想留住的幸运 原来我们和爱情曾经靠的那么近。。。

Woooo, finally, after 245689 days, we gathered again. I mean ALL OF US, and it was mad fun. Noisy, loud, funny, anyhow sing, anyhow cheer. All drunk. Goodness.

I started drinking from 12pm! Hahaha 

It was specially planned for me by Ashley. Cos I found him a good good good deal, so he wants to treat me lah. :) 

There's one super touchy uncle, I want to box him already. Walao eh. I elbowed him when he got near me then I went to sit beside Justin, asked him to save me. Then he keep staring at Justin, talk like buay song, and keep asking him to drink. Please lah uncle. You don't have mirror at home issit?
Seriously fuck all the men who doesn't respect women. Having money doesn't mean that you can have any woman you want. Go die please.

He's erm, machiam idol. The waitress hahaha keep aiming him. Aiya, it always happen. He's tall, 183, lookable and has a very good vocal. So it's normal. (He and Ashley are related, their gene is good de lor!) 

He's like my "fairytale", everyone keep trying to make us together. Hahaha but we know that we're only friends, very good friends, nothing but friends. He's an eligible bachelor. Single for the longest time cos still searching for "the one". I admire such guys who respect relationship. I trust him cos I know he won't do anything to me.

I feel bad cos I always use our photo as my Whatsapp dp to stop people from disturbing me. I'm single, but I'm not available. I don't want to waste my time on man anymore, it always turned out crap. It wasn't easy curing my own heart. I got inform him first la, and he's okay. Hahaha (Not okay also bo bian, lol!) Let's go Maldives! Before it vanishes! Woohoo! 我要去!!! Book and go! Yeah! 


I've known all these friends since 17 years old. To them, I'm one 傻妹, always blur blur. Lol! They know me very well. My words can be very harsh cos I'm very straight forward, but I'm harmless. And if I really want to help you, I help without expecting any returns.

I just helped a Sec sch friend to sell his car at a price nobody expect, $4k above market value. (It was a very fast deal. I posted on Thursday evening, next morning got buyer liao, in full cash and he wanted to take the car immediately. My friend was kinda shock, unprepared.) I could have earn but I don't want. I linked them up and asked them to liaise between themselves. Sorry, I don't see the need to earn from everyone and everything.

Haha I'm gonna turn into a fatty soon, with all the treats from friends.
To most dealers, I've attitude problem. Becos I don't wish to entertain nonsense. They're not my friends, they're just working partners. I only "enjoy" with my friends. If they want to meet me regarding work, please do it during working hours. After that, I no entertain. Don't bother asking me out for dinner, drinking etc. I will not go.

This is something I made myself very clear when I got into car trade. I'm not interested to find a r/s with dealers, neither have anything to do with them. I don't sleep around, and don't play with feelings. Unless it's about work, if not, stay away from me.

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