Saturday, September 10, 2016

Project Love Lunch

The plan for giving out goodie bags went on smoothly. However, I'm not sure if the kids learnt anything? Cos apparently, they were just having fun. Omg. They really really need to learn.

These are all I bought and prepared. A total of 61 packs, for a few blocks of low income families' kids. It don't cost a lot to make people happy. It's always about effort.

Please google about "Project Love Lunch" cos I'm lazy to explain, lol. They do it every Sat 11am at Blk 3 (and nearby blocks) Marsiling Road. It's all rental blocks; some are lonely disabled old folks, some are kids with irresponsible parents. 

Met two kids with both irresponsible parents who doesn't want to work. The kids have to collect cans to sell at night. 

Our kids are too lucky to know about all these plights. All they care is comparing how much things they have, what other parents able to give their friends etc. They never appreciate what they have. (I've one lidat at home!) 

I'm a lazy mum, I don't do everything for my kids, I don't give them whatever they want. But it's my way of making them independent. The more I do for them, the more they will rely on me. To a point when they make mistakes, they won't know how to amend, becos they think I'll always be around to solve their problems. 

Can never understand how some people only like to use their mouth to "work", open mouth and expect people to do for them? Walao eh, owe you one ah? Pekchek sia. You have work to do, people don't have meh? 

No, I wasn't brought up lidat! I'm being trained to be independent since young. I seldom see my parents cos they were busy working. I woke up by myself in the morning, showered, walked to school etc, alone. Of cos, SG were much safer in the past. 

Yes, I'll always be around for them to fall back if they met with any problems. But they have to learn to pick themselves up and fight all over again. Be responsible for their actions, and work hard to achieve what they want. I'm not going to buy them a car when they got their licence etc. No way. Go and earn it themselves. 

Raeann once told her tutor that it's okay if she don't study and don't work in future, cos her father will support her. Get my point? The more you spoon feed her, the more lazy she gets.

It's useless to be smart if you're lazy. Becos you will use it the wrong way, and only think of short cut for everything. 

A lot of kind parents brought their kids there as well. It's a good experience I must say. Received feedback that the kids were very excited to receive the goodie bags, becos they're very happy to even receive an apple. 

That's the difference. Our kids see apple like it's common everywhere. But when one kid received their bag of groceries sponsored by kind people, he asked, "is there any apple?" That's the one who has to collect cans at night. 

To be honest, they're not as heart breaking as watching joy truck, but I think they deserved better brought up.

Thankful to have people helping me with the handovers that day becos I told them I'm going to do charity. I wasn't using this as an excuse, becos it was planned long ago. They understand and asked me to count them in next time. It feels good to give good influence to people.

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