Monday, September 19, 2016

"Saving" Whatsapp Audio

OMFG! I've been figuring out how to save WhatsApp Audio for many hours. Apparently, no one seems to know. Sam asked me "don't delete the chat" lor. LOL

Tried all ways and means I found online, but to no avail. So I came up with this brilliant idea... HAHAHA

I turned on WhatsApp on my computer and recorded it with my phone. OMG. Why am I so smart!!! LOLOLOL

Ahhh, no leh, I didn't sing it for him. It was playing in the car and I was just being random. But I think he was quite impressed. WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER HOR.

He tried dating me many times but I asked him not to target me. I'm scared. Friend friend ok lah. Aiya many people like to disturb me when they have nothing to do. TMD


  1. Never try never know.. Just try la.. Date nia ma.. Hehee!

  2. I like yr reading ur blogg...very real


  3. I like to read your blogg...its very real..


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