Thursday, September 8, 2016

Certified Strong Woman

On point. I NEED A STRONG MAN!!! A man who stand and deal with problems like myself. A man who talk things out, and not hanging things in mid air. A man who is honest to me about everything, like how I'll be honest to him. A man who will never leave me at my worst, like how I'll never leave him during his hard times. A man who geniunely loves me, for who I am. I'm a strong woman. 

Love candid shot like this! Love that candid smile! People are always saying that I'm damn fair. Yah. This photo I look really fair. (I'm not the fairest lah, there are fairer women of cos!) 

Lucky to be born fair. I never have to hide from the sun, don't apply sunblock, won't get sun burnt or tanned. It's in my gene. 

A lot of people asked me how I maintain, why I look younger than my actual age. I tell them it's "God's gift", cos I don't maintain at all. I don't go for facial, neither using any expensive skincare. I used to use only water to wash my face. Haa 

Wah. I've many cars on hand now! All the trade in from dealer (offer to my customers only), lowest depre ever. C200 depre $12k, Lexus IS250 depre $8k. (Interested, let me know!) Sibei attractive! I feel like selling my own car away liao! TMD

I'm still working RIGHT NOW. Just done with a few viewings! All confirmed on the spot! But not my deals, hahahaha! I was summon to help out, collect $$$, walk here and there only. Hur! I still gotta rush to pick my baobei. Good the bye! 

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