Sunday, September 11, 2016

The One & Only, Joanne!

Many asked me which company am I from when I intro myself as a broker, agent or whatever. I'm not with any. I'm a freelance. I work for myself. 

O'rite, I work differently from others. In fact, I don't think anyone work this way, I invented it myself. LOL

I don't tell people what cars I have when they asked. I asked what car they want instead. And if they have no idea, just tell me their requirements and I'll intro cars from there. (Actually, many people have no idea what they want! Most are worried about budget! Let me help you to do some financial planning, and find you a good car that fits into your budget. Don't worry, you don't have to pay me a single cent.)


1) This person asked me... "Any cars to intro for a $15k dp, with monthly less than $600?" So I do all the calculations and intro those cars to him lor.

Can't deny that some are just asking for fun, some are playing me out. But it's okay. When there's an enquiry means there's a chance. I'll always keep trying. 

2) Esther intro-ed her customer to me. 

I intro-ed one VW Jetta to her and we're going for viewing later. Hope can close! Closed liao! :) She doesn't want to top up more than $10K, I think she ended up topping about $8K? She's very happy cos I managed to get her a high trade in price.

Erm, she's one of the many people who is very skeptic about dealers cos she kena cheated before. But she trusted me becos of what Esther told her. Yes. I'll hold responsiblity if dealer refused. It's not becos I'm very free or rich hor. It's becos I'm a woman of my word.

If you're unsure whether a certain company can be trusted or not, ASK ME!!! I'll tell you who are on my blacklisted list and why I blacklist them!

I will never intro problematic cars unless they come with warranty and I know the car is okay. If you're worried, I'm even more worried than you. Lol 

When I was there this afternoon, one uncle from Carousell called me. I'm very doubtful about selling cars on Carousell, I just started posting 3 days ago. I think many people are only asking for fun and will put aeroplane one. This uncle wanna buy 3 Vezels for his Grab business (today is the 2nd time he called, to make appointment) and also changing his personal Civic, asked me to intro car to him. I do some calculations based on his requirements and intro-ed him one 2012 Elantra from this dealer lor. He confirmed on the spot, tomorrow morning going to pay deposit liao. (He even sent me his IC sia, I don't think anyone will play so big right?) Wah, this is seriously irony. I sold a car over Carousell and phone within 15 mins to someone I don't know! LOL (Hur, uncle is very nice, he just called me, wanna intro his friend to buy car from me!)

3) Customers asked me to lookout for car for them, once have, inform them. Either certain brand/model, or just any low depre cars. So when I have any, I'll inform them, and see if they are interested. 

Lately, a boss gave me quite a number of very low depre cars. They took in trade in and gave me a good price (like really very very good, super low margin), cos they know I've customers. Even before the cars handover, I've already found buyers reserving the cars. (I hope I can close them!)

Why such good price?

They don't lose anything at all. They don't have to worry about losing monthly depre if I can sell them immediately, thus low margin is okay for them. Low profit, but high volume. 1 in, 1 out. No car will be stuck.

Volume VS Profit. Depends on how one do their business. For me ah, I'll rather earn lesser than getting stuck. There's no risk and you don't lose any money.

Most most most importantly, I don't wait for customer, I find customer instead. And I'm really on the ball, twist and turn whichever way it works. 

I'm supposed to buy his van, direct owner cos I've buyers. But I ended up making him tempted over my Merc C200 instead. He "reserved" it liao, waiting for the car to handover only. 

Yesterday, I closed one Harrier. I just gotta know the customer on Monday, it's my friend's friend. We went out together. I was looking at my new namecard's artwork and he was standing beside me... 

Here's how it looks like! Nice? 

Being the very Aunty and 38 me, I showed him & asked if its nice? (Apparently, we didn't do any proper intro, so he didn't know what am I working as before seeing the namecard!) He saw and told me he wanna change car, new car, Harrier! Just nice I've one silver ready stock at low price on hand, I pushed that all the way lor.

I don't wait one hor. I msg and ask him if he wants me to get quote for his current ride, and get him to send me his logcard the next day.

Yup, he bought it yesterday, on the spot. And he said he will intro his friends to me becos he's very happy and satisfied with the good deal! ^^

One of my very supportive blog reader who has been reading me for years. Thank you very much. I'll find you and your hubby a good car at a good price! :) 

It's not only about selling cars! I buy in cars too! As in, I helped dealers to buy in cars too! And if the price is too jialat from dealers, I'll try to find you a direct buyer. I will get quote from exporters too, for those cars scrapping soon. 

So don't worry, you will get the best price, cos I do my homework when I receive your "job". I don't simply get quote from one and just tell you the price. I ask everywhere to get the highest for you. (Today, I pushed one car from an average $62K to $65K!) 

That's the difference when you sell your car to a company who claimed to "offer you the highest". Becos unless you've already asked everywhere, you will not know what's the highest! And usually when you walk-in, they will know you're desperate to sell, and they will anyhow offer you and tell you it's the best price.

Someone told me before, "I'm a businessman, there's no best price. The more profit I earn, the more happy I am."

But I'm not a businesswoman. I'm just taking a fixed referral fee. So it doesn't affect me if I push the price up/down for you. I'm not a dealer and I'll always stand neutral. 

If I don't help my customers in any way, why should they approach me? But of cos, if customer is too much, I'll tell them off too. Aiya, just have to be fair. They do business, they cannot be losing money, else how they support rental and staffs?

Give and take. Fair deal. Happy seller, happy buyer, happy Joanne! Hee

Many dealers are trying to get me into their company now. No way. I'll not be so stupid to chiong for people and get shit in return again. If I don't protect myself, there's no one else who will protect me. I'm the way I am now, becos I learnt my lesson.

The him I know and the him others described is like completely two different person. It's scary. This feeling sucks. 

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