Sunday, September 18, 2016




I helped him to make a perfect arrangement so that he won't need to go car-less for a day. Met him and his baby girl at the place he handover his old car, picked his wife and son, went for lunch together, sent them home cos his car not ready yet and I've another viewing. (Initial plan was to send them to collect the car de, but there was a little delay.) 

My very steady blog reader! I like her character, 有什么, 讲什么, 没心机! See you again soon! :) 

All my happy customers! I hope their cars don't give them any issue and have a safe ride always. Keep in touch! Call me if you all need any help! ^^ 

It takes a little intelligence, some luck and ALOT of efforts to show result. I'm really lucky with all the helps rendered from all sources. Thank you everyone! :) But, can close or not is another issue lah. JIAYOU!!!

I want to repeat myself again. There is only one me. You can't be another me. You can have him all you want now, so stop stalking my blog and copying me. It's damn annoying. Lead your own life, while I lead my own. Don't drag me into your dramatic life again. Somebody please teach me how the fuck do I block someone out from my blog?  

Of cos, I've my downtime too. But ah, I seldom complain. I'll usually brush it aside. I kena my first red light after driving for 14 years, and I don't even know until I received letter yesterday. First time kena point deduction too. There goes my additional 5% NCD.

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