Thursday, September 15, 2016

What have I been missing out?

Looking through past posts on my IG makes me feel that I've been missing out so much for the past 1-2 years. My life used to be so "colourful" and exciting. I kinda miss being a real part-time blogger and attending events...

Eh no, I'm not an active IG user anymore. 

I was being pampered with lots of beauty products, beauty treatments (getting paid to go somemore), food tasting, new product launch invitations etc. I wonder if it's a wrong choice to give up (real) blogging for someone? He didn't like it. (I've learnt not to give up my passion and myself for anyone, anymore.)

And it's too late for me to restart it all over again now. It's okay. I believe God has a better plan for me! :) 

Anyway, I'm still quite lucky to be blessed with good friends! Thank you Justin for all these amazing products! I've been using their moisturiser given by him last time! It's good! I believe many people know about Jeunesse becos when I posted on FB, all the comments were so positive! 

If you wish to try the miracle of Jeunesse too, feel free to contact Justin @ 91918070! (Tell him Joanne intro one, see can get some discount or not! LOL) You won't regret! :) Becos I didn't, just like all of them above. I think the price is quite reasonable and affordable as well.

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