Saturday, October 29, 2016


The only word I can think of to describe the memories behind this song. Nostalgia is a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

HE could be my happily ever after, if we fought hard for each other more than a decade ago, lolol. That day we met, talked and admitted that we had crush on each other during school days. It's funny. Is there any time machine? Can we turn back time? I will fight for our happiness this time round. HAHAHA

Anyway, it's good to see him again. Thank you for appearing in my life once again.

You know ah, we used to talk on the phone for HOURS, everyday. Can be like from 10pm - 7am. WTF. Wonder why we got so many things to talk leh? LOL Now I hate talking on the phone. Maybe talked finish liao, when I was in my teens. Hahahaha

Life is such, and time is forever ticking forward. We can only keep moving. But I truly believe, what's meant to be, will be.

Anyway, remember Meimei's idol, Harley Quinn? Apparently, she looks like that...

LOL! That "or ki"!!! And...
Meimei said her mum looks like her!!! LOLOL I didn't copy her cos I really don't know how she looks like until my friend showed me on FB. It's just some bo liao acting cute selfies. #toofreeyousee

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Okay. I'm wasting my time now while waiting for my next appointment at 7pm. Honda Odyssey.

Closed liao! I've been driving like crazy these few days. Oh yah... 

I closed the Fit yesterday too. Yay! But becos it's a direct owner deal, wow, there's so much work to do! 钱很难赚啊!!! It's okay lah, everyone is happy with the price and deal, that's the most important. 

It's good to keep myself occupied and busy, so I don't have the time to anyhow think. I'm trying very hard to get my momentum back lah. Anyway...

Customer is very very pleased. From this...

To this...

Am happy to settle this problem for him! :) 

Why buy/sell through me? 

Cos I go through all the troubles for you. I search & ask everyone and everywhere, do all the liaising & fix appointment. All you need to do is to appear at the right place, that's all. 

That's my job to be precise, I don't earn your money for nothing. Becos my determination is so strong, when I said I'll help you solve the problem, means I will, just give me some time as I've other things to do also. 

I'm a problems solver. There's nothing I can't do if I want to do. There's nothing I can't find if I want to find. (I can call up the whole Singapore stockist one by one.) 

Haha okay. THIS IS LIFE! After a day of hardwork, best to get soaked in bathtub. I love my $300 bathtub!!! All the things in my house are so cheap, I can't even. My friend said it's hard to earn my money, cos I find and do everything myself. LOL

Painting the house almost killed me can. But my painting skill is not bad one hor. I think I'm so MAN lah. My friend said, "Other than your looks, I cannot find any female hormones in you." LOL TMD. How can that be? I so aunty, lol.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


This song damn nice!

Today, my soul returned a little liao. Yesterday really jialat. Got two viewings but I was lagging, so didn't managed to close! :(
Sold a Latio to a dealer earlier. Hmm, a blog reader's hub. (Hi, I don't know who you are, but thank you for the trust!) This week's appointment is crazy.

Oh yah, need to sell off my friend's 2008 Fit too. Busy but hor, still not much mood to work leh. BUCK UP JOANNE!!!

I need to sleep and wake up very early tomorrow, sending customer's car to workshop.

Another happy customer! Okay, long story short, his headlight is yellowish cos it's a renewed COE car. But becos his is a rare HID model, it's so hard to find in the market. I finally found a pair @ $450, gotten special price @ $380, and I offered to pay half the amount for him. 

Like I say, it's really not about the money. It's the service I provide, nobody can do it. I've been asking everywhere for this headlight for more than a month, everyday.

JUST ARRIVED. The 4th batch. I think this color is the nicest liao! :) 

Mm: Mummy, I'm gonna wear this for Halloween! 

Me: Hmm okay, you're gonna look quite scary. 

My fatty mermaid!!! Hahaha 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Time to go home...


Goodbye Bangkok. You will be missed. But I'll be back, shortly.
Thanks everyone for this wonderful trip.
Thanks someone who send and pick me up from airport.
Thanks Scoots for the safe flights.
Thanks to all the nice people I met! :)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Today's selfies!


Bery beezee eating and shopping here na. Eating non stop, literally. Double dosage for every meal somemore. Hahahahaha 

Okay, I added luggage liao! Chatuchak, here I come! Woohoo

Friday, October 21, 2016

Safe? World class education?

It's funny how people STILL think that SG is as safe as the past. Top notch security??? Don't have to worry when my kids go out at night in future? Joke.

And look at what our world class education did to children and parents? Simi lan world class? When you lose your kid to our world class education? This is what I meant. Driving kids crazy. 

How selfish can some people be uh? Expecting everyone to feel the same way they felt becos things didn't happen on them. 

So becos you're not affected = others deserved it lah??? *roll eyes*

Anyway, I'm going out to eat my wanton mee, pork leg rice, fried chicken wings etc etc now...

Funny sia. Singapore don't meet (becos all damn fucking busy), meet in BKK. Ok bye!

Welcome to BKK!

Before I start, someone, read this...

You're not affected, does it mean others are not affected as well? Let me be honest with you, I'm not affected (currently), I thank god for all the luck and intelligence, and a heart who knows how to consider other's feeling. Precisely, I do not want my kids to grow up to be like you, that's why I wanted to leave SG. 

Btw, are you living in your own world? Foreigners are flocking here, but do you have any idea Singaporeans are leaving here as well? 

I've no time to bother about you, so stop commenting. I can't really be bothered to read. I blog what I like, and I don't think I'm saying about you at all. Unless you're Govt? No idea why you get so worked up? Tsk. Don't have to try so hard to change my mind about Govt or PAP, it has nothing to do with you. 

Had a hard time digging out all my BLACK clothing. My friend ah, came to pick me (just to send me to airport) at 6pm, when my flight is at 10pm, lol! I think he's seriously worried that I'll be late. Anyway, the 22 years old policeman is off today, his coll told me one, haha! 

I just reached not long ago, and I'm fucking shag now. Heh. No leh. Clubs are still opening. I need to think what I wanna eat tomorrow, lol. 

I'm so lazy to move, to shower. I just want to slack... here for I don't know how many days lah. I don't know my flight details & I don't know where I'm staying.

Sometimes, it's good not knowing anything, keep your mind empty and go with the flow. 

Good night. I'm dozing off, with my makeup on. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hope it gets better!

The economy has been going downhill and hitted many people directly...

It's honestly heartbreaking to help people sell their cars, becos they needed cashflow. (Especially when they said, "let me take a few more looks at my car" during handover. Wah. I cannot take it leh!)

I hope I helped them somewhere, somehow. I pushed the price for an Audi A4 from an average $33k to $37k. Agreement signed today. 

In fact, I've told everyone to hold on until I come back. I'll settle it one by one next week. But this is so urgent, I've to help him to proceed ASAP. So I went to dealer's place to get agreement, then rushed to customer's place to sign. Then back to dealer's again. 

I got do my job hor, to follow up and expedite, if needed. 

It's true leh. 做人要学会,拿得起,放得下。You have to learn to let go, before you can start afresh all over again. And life comes with obstacles, everyone suffers, at different stage of life. Everyone is fighting their own battle nobody knows about. Be kind, always. 

I knew this will happen when PAP won majority of the votes. There's no balance in SG anymore. We're all loser, Govt is the only winner. It's already not easy to manage a Company, let alone a whole Country, unless you know how to be very maniplative. Making people believe that everything you do is for benefit of everyone. Serious? Many people are dying already, do you all know that?
Not expecting any help or spoon feeding, but just hope you all don't "add on" to the injury at this point of time. HDB increasing commercial rental by $2k is not helping at all. 
I'm sorry if it offends any pro PAP here. I'm not against PAP, but look around you, did our life really "improved"? Or only the life and scenery of Singapore improved?
I really wonder if my kids will grow up to be crazy due to the competitive and stressful environment here? Humans are no longer geninuely happy, no longer know how to appreciate all the little things, no longer know how to be kind, becos everyone has their own difficulty to survive.

P/S: Don't need to ask me to migrate if I'm not happy here. I'd love to, but I've no ability to. I want to bring my kids to a place where we can live simple and stress-free. Everyday feed animals, plant vegetable and fruits until die also okay. Study? Study for what? No need to compete with animals or plants what. Not much expenses, so we won't need much money. This is called "life". We live to be happy, not to be the slave for money.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The title, this song and this post have no link at all. I just feel like listening to this song again. My sec sch friend can sing this song very well.

I wonder if the market is really slow now (cos many people called me and complain) or I'm just being lazy...

I closed 27 deals in two months. It was really hard work. The thing about freelance is, YOU CANNOT STOP. Once the momentum is gone, it's hard to get it back. 

But I'm seriously slacking now... Cos ah, I'm leaving on a jet plane this week liao. I'm not really enthu to take in customers leh. Like if I know the customer is not in a hurry, I just don't bother lor. 

Heehee I've got one live advertisement uncle; Carousell uncle! 谢谢你哦! He took one stack of namecard from me, remember? And he's really promoting for me sia! Always count my blessings to meet nice people. 

Appreciate such understanding customer. Anyway, I don't entertain those overly fussy & calculative customers, becos I won't be unable to find one that meets their expectation. But trust me, such people always get cheated the most one. Becos they make people's life difficult, do you think people will do more for them, willingly?

I think I should get "good service" award. Lol! The ability to make customer come back to you, even when he didn't buy the car from you. (I helped him to scrap his old ride.)

Well, even if you didn't buy the car from me, I'll still try to help if possible. Anyway, he bought the car from a direct owner, not much cheaper though. Within a week, the whole roof shacked down. Hope the seller will rectify this issue lor.

Becos yes, this is considered "wear and tear" but think about it, if you just bought the car and such thing happened and you have to be car-less for a few days + pay for the repair (not cheap somemore), it's sickening. I'm just putting myself in the buyer's shoe lah, I'm also a car owner what.

But this customer is funny lah. I think I told him about a person (not my customer) complaining to me that she "cry everyday" after buying her car. See ah. Sometimes I also don't know how to "advise" people. Ask them not to buy, they think that I just want to earn their money. So I don't wanna say much now, up to you, got problem then come to me lor. This type of thing is heng sway one.

There's a reason why I don't work with some companies, no matter how they tried to get me in. I'm not boasting. Many people tried to rope me into their company, to run the business for them. In order not to offend any, I rejected all. I don't want to be under the mercy of anyone. 

Ah bo, how will I be able to say such thing to the boss? Hahaha! He still call me after that lor. And yes, he did what he should for my customer. Lol

To them, you're one time business cos you won't change car every month what, but I'm not mah. Whether the car is good condition or not, I'll get more accurate infos than you. Becos if sell liao a lot of problems, they will get it from me. 

Just to clarify the above sentence, I fight for a fair deal. Dealers earn what they should, customers get what they want. 

Dealer wants to sell more expensive and the customer accepts, no problem, just make sure the car condition justifies the price lor. 

Customer needs to be reasonable too. You want cheap and everything new (even no spoil also need to change new one), you wait long long lor. If got such, everyone snatch liao, when will be your turn? (Unless you and I are lucky enough, and you've informed me to keep a lookout for it.)

In SG, good things are never cheap, cheap things are never good. Everyone needs to survive, so what makes you think you're special?

"You didn't help me to get any special price what. If that's the case, might as well I find the car myself?"

Can ah, why not? I didn't say you cannot mah. The reason for me to be around is to prevent those customers who know nuts, or those over chin chai (don't dare to fight it out), or those too busy to find out anything, to get cheated.

Like I said, you want cheap, I've raw "as is" condition cars too. If you're lucky, you will get a good one. But please note that I'm not a mechanic, I won't know if the car condition is okay or not, kindly check properly before buying. Not okay, don't buy, I will not force you to buy. Don't come and kpkb at me and expect me to pay for you if there's anything wrong. Please hor, you've already got it way cheaper than market price.

I'll be back! ^^

My EX sec sch friend.

I've a few "maids" lately. Just open mouth nia, they do everything for me. Like this coming trip, I don't think I've prepared anything for it yet. But my air tix, hotel, currency all settled liao. I only need to prepare "myself" to appear at the airport can liao. NIGHT flight, finally.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Why I so clever?

Not bad eh, after so long, I still didn't lose touch with those html codes. Nobody teach me before. I google, trial and error. And I actually found the most color matching cutest car icon, lol. To find out more about my job and buying/selling a car, just click on the car icon and it will direct you to this page...
All the links, infos and customers' feedback are inside. It's an easy shortcut for all my customers, rather than scroll and find it one by one. 

No wonder I'm suitable to do those "bao ka liao" job, becos I'm multi talented leh. You employ one me = 5 different job scopes. Cleaner, website designer, backend support (admin), sales and marketing. LOLOL

Saturday, October 15, 2016

What is consignment aka direct owner sales?

Owner has no urgency to sell, will only sell when the price is right. They can't accept what the dealers are offering them. 

You can choose to consign your car if; 

1) You can afford to lose the depre and wait. 
2) You need to be very lucky. 

The price of a consignment aka direct owner car has to be in between the price dealer takes in, and the price dealer is selling. 

When such a deal is closed, seller will get $2-3k more, and buyer will buy at $2-3k less. Depends on the model and made. 

Anyway, to be more exact, let's look at the depre... 

A Honda Civic's depre is around $12-$13k now. So for a direct deal, you must buy at around $9-$10k depre, more than $11k depre is not worth liao. 


You're buying "as is" condition, no touch up or make swee swee. Consignment aka direct owner deal has no lemon law. In any case the car has major issues after handover, you have to "eat" it up yourself. Although lemon law has many loopholes, but there's still a chance you get to claim your money back. Sometimes, it might not be a "real" consignment unit. If you get what I mean.

The most relaxed seller ever, haha. No, he's not urgent to sell, and prefer to park the car at home when dealers offered him ridiculous prices. 

He stays at Cairnhill and apparently bought this car 10 months ago, for fun. He's holidaying most of the time, that's why he wanted to sell, only when the price is right. 

Anyway, he's on holiday NOW. Passed everything (IC, company stamp, both keys and car) to me without collecting any deposit. Oh my. He don't know me at all. 

Initially planned to handover only when he's back. But he asked me to handover earlier cos the car is due for inspection soon, just pass him the cash when he's back can liao. Damn relax, I'm amused. 

As for the buyer, he's also mad steady, confirmed on the spot. But he requested to send it for inspection before handover and so...

I sent it that day lor. The extreme measure I'll go for my customers. When people are chin chai and steady, of cos I'll be steady too lah. Car handed over yesterday! 

Actually, I'm thankful for the trust people have for me. That's why I don't mind going all way out, just to make them convenient and happy. 

My philosophy in life is very simple. When you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you too, no matter who you are. 


I'm very fast paced. Unless I'm busy when you msg, if not I'll response almost immediately. And get back shortly with cars and prices. 

You can ask my friend how excited I was when I found him a buyer even though I don't earn a single cent from that deal. (Okay, he gave me a little angbao that day but I haven't open. He told me is a small token. I don't want to open.) 

Even this customer, who turned friend, I didn't earn a cent from her deal too. Am happy she settled her car issue. 

I'm like that, not becos I'm excited to earn your money, not becos I'm earning a lot from you. But after going into sales line, I know how "luck" and "timing" play a big part in it. 

Frustrating moment when I can't get good price for customers until one dealer has an immediate buyer. So before that buyer bought his car and dealer decided not to buy in so high, of cos I'm excited for you. 

Especially when it comes to export or scrap price, omg, the price changes daily. Like eg, today I can get a $2.2k for Mark X body (highest in the whole market), 3 days later might drop to $800 or lesser. Last two weeks, Estima body can fetch up to $4k, two days ago I asked, become $450. You know the frustration? Like walao, how am I going to tell customer leh? Later they think I'm cheating them sia. 

See lor. I'm not lying. The fucking price changes everyday based on demand. So when I can get a good price, of cos I'm excited for you lah. (Ignore the S5, I think he meant per year.)

Or when customer wants a certain model, I can't find a good one from my trusted dealers. I can only say, good car don't wait. Everyone will be "reserving" for their own customers. It's not so easy to find a good used car. It's quite sickening if you have to keep going workshop, isn't it?

But haiz, there's no point getting excited for people who have no urgency. If you have no urgency, just tell me, I'll reply only when you're urgent. Becos I don't want to be termed as "pushy" or "irritating", when I'm just doing my job. 

I'm those "I don't want to do your business" kind of person if you don't trust me. I believe in "chemistry" for working partners and customers. Lack of that, I cannot pretend to be nice. I won't talk much to you if I don't like you.

But all in all, I just want the good for people, that's all. Whether you buy from me or whoever else, most importantly, enjoy your new ride, be safe & happy! :) 


I'm glad that all my customers' car are safe and sound now. *touch wood* They're happy with my intro, service, their new ride, and of cos, the very decent and fair deal from all my trusted dealers. (Cos if they kena "eat", here comes the tigeress. *roar* LOL) 

Well, I'm thankful to all the dealers who give face to this amateur; yours truly lah. But I think I'm a joy to them, cos I bring them business and I'm funny. They will miss me if I didn't appear for too long de leh. Then all will start calling me, "Are you coming today?" "Where are you?" Haha 

Here here here. Still alive. LOLOL

Friday, October 14, 2016


Hahaha! Scary photos! The "edit" is too extreme liao. It's the app hor, not me. Anyway, how's my new hair color? Nice hor? Better don't reveal what color if not someone will copy again. Lol 

I know it's childish that's why I've never bother, but she's doing it to the extreme already.

I mentioned that my hair is forever messy, but my friend said 乱中有型, her hair suddenly become messy too. 

Then I mentioned about more natural makeup (mascara or more natural falsies), her makeup suddenly changed too. 

Rem this photo? Lol her photo also comes with a cap now. IT'S FUCKING ANNOYING. 

Despite facing her very annoying copycat illness for a very long time, I controlled myself from flaring up until her "challenge" came. 

Being a blogger means I've a sharing heart, I share with everyone about everything, my job is to influence people. It's a good sign people are influenced by me. 

What I cannot stand is, she obviously dislike me becos she's shamelessly in love with my ex bf, then she tried to copy my everything, then showed off to me that she's sweetly in "love" now.

Fine. I know it always take two hands to clap. I moved on, let them have their happiness. She still didn't let me off. 

Continue stalking and copying me. Do so much nonsense just to prove she's better than me? 

There's a difference when someone is influenced by me and thanking me for the inspiration and someone who is secretly copying my everything and keep trying to prove that she's better. 

It's okay if she's better if she has the real ability to be better. (There will always be people better, prettier etc than us!) But copying from my head to toe, always a step behind me, how can she ever be better?

Let's not talk about age, looks and dressings. She don't even have a brain. 

A smart woman will never compare and compete.
Somehow, I used to pity her for still being so childish at the age of 42. Like hello. People are there to work, not to fight for attention, not to do leopard prints fashion show, not to prove who is prettier, not to fight for a man. 

You don't need to support your kids but I need leh. Do you think I've the time to play all these with you? I just wanted to work, but you gave me hell loads of problems becos of your jealousy and unbalanced mentality. Do you feel happy to make others' life difficult? 

To be honest, if you behaved like your age, didn't do all those nonsense that you did, the company will be doing very well now. 

You like to act like a "lady boss", holding the cheque book etc, nobody is stopping you. Do you think I don't know about this when we were together? I know but I choose not to make this an issue to argue becos I know you're helping him. I choose to keep quiet becos I know if I make noise, I'll put him in a difficult position. I TRUSTED HIM. And, you can ask him, I was worried that you will be jobless. 

But why issit that I think for him, I think for you, you all still choose to destroy me again and again? Becos I appeared strong? Becos I don't cry in public like you? So I deserved it?

I didn't "snatch" him away from you. We met, he wooed me, we fell in love, and our love was simple and pure, at first. 

I've no idea what r/s you all have before or after me, and I don't wish to know anymore. My heart is really exhausted. 

You have no idea what I've gone through and what I'm going through. I cannot breakdown, becos my kids only have me now.