Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Woohoo! I've the one and only, very unique Benz nails now. So customised, even have my forty five ninety nine on it! I lub my nails, and my car! Hahahaha 

It's my idea, think I work until abit sot already. Lol! I ish no copy people one. I like to be original. I like to be myself. 

Thank you Pink Nail Studio; Esther & Jennifer for accommodating to my very weird design. You can customise your very own design too! 

They have new series of gel again, and all the colors are so pretty. The deep red on my toes (which I forgot to take photo) is amazingly sexy. 

Book your appointment now! 9227 7000 (Esther) The friendliest nail salon in Jurong! No joke! There's only laughter in there. 


Hanna! Like who the fuck you think you're sia? People must forever give in to you? Sorry hor. My limit is up, and I'm all ready to go into war now. Try all your nonsense again, brainless "lady boss".

(Oh btw, I'll never do anything to harm him lah. But he from the start till end keep saying that company has nothing to do with him at all. That's why, I'm prepared to go into war with you already.) 

From 1st Jan 2015 till now, bully me until sibei happy hor? Black face, chased me out of Turf, I fucking brought customer to buy car from you, never take a single cent, you acted like machiam I owed you one. 

Very proud now right? Sweet moment ah? Dalian noodle ah? Sweet 45 mins at LTA ah? Go and recall all the shit you did to me. ALL. 

I kept quiet not becos I'm weak leh. Limbu 让你三分 cos I think you're senior citizen already, don't want to waste my time on you. But you just refused to stop. 
Want to play, come, let's play bigger. I warned you many times before, there's nothing I don't dare to blog. And I'm a FBI, super good at digging informations.

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