Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Be very cautious!

One of my customer sent me this link yesterday. He's very thankful to receive his car within the promised timeframe - 3 weeks. (I stressed the dealer everyday, lol!)

Handed over one Harrier last week too. Delivery in 20 days. With free upgrade to Pioneer 8850 + iRoad V7 front and back recording camera + all the other accessories @ $143,800 NETT. No need to top up cos hahaha, I'm Joanne. Dealer almost killed me. Lolol (He can't do anything to me becos I helped him to earn alot of money ok, that's what his salesman told me!) LAST silver in stock, anyone? :)

Insisting on 1 bid guaranteed COE without top up, ready stock and vitas ready, so customers can get their car asap is to protect customer and myself. 

If you ever have "nightmares" with P.I. before, you will know what I mean. 4-6 bids cos it's cheaper? When you have no car to collect, cry also useless lor. Buy from people you know and trust is the safest. 

I'm not against anyone here. It's just a generic warning. It applies to ALL the dealers in SG, so don't be thick skinned and think you're (saying you, 大婶) so important in my life. 

Frankly speaking, I really x 20 hate selling new cars becos 95% of the people only look at the price. (I mean, it's not wrong to do that cos afterall, it's hard earned money.) I explained until die also useless one. So now, I don't care anymore. For customers who refused to listen, I'll ask them to go ahead. Lazy to fight for people and get misunderstood liao. 

It's not for me, cos the money is not mine, car is not mine. With or without me, price will be the same one. The price I offered, is the same when you walk-in. (And most probably cheapest in the whole market for 1 guaranteed bid without top up!) I didn't mark up. But the time I spent selling one new car, I can probably sell two used cars. Waste time one. 

One last handover this Friday (my first deal with Sam, and more to come I hope! He's my PA, he helped me with all the paperwork cos I refused to learn, it's not my job, hahahah) and I want to go holiday liao! Time for a good break! Not going alone this time round, I've found a travelling kaki! But he shall remain a mystery. Nah, no, he's not married, older than me, not a dealer, not Justin Teng! Haha People just don't believe there's nothing on between me and Justin, we are only good friends, know each other too much to have something. 
Sorry, I've to chiong work for another one & half week before going. He booked air tix already, leaving on the 3rd week of October! Wooohooo CHIONG AH!!!
Kinda packed tomorrow! Collecting Forte, viewing Civic, meeting sec sch friend cos he insisted to pass me angbao and, lolol, dinner date.

Someone from W******/Euro***** msged me two days ago, said wanted to discuss a "business plan" with me. Giving me all his trade in cars to hit out to dealers. He sounded fishy but Sam said its real. (I showed him the chat log!) Okay lor, maybe it's another "kang tao". Still thinking when to meet him! 

I'm really busy until I've no time to even look at FB! Lost track of date and day liao. 

***Fatty suddenly wake up and said she wants to eat chicken wing! At 1:26am! LOLOL 

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