Saturday, October 1, 2016

Becos I'm powerful!!!

Wahahahahaha! Apparently, that shameless bitch can't leave me alone. Are you in love with me? Stalk me enough? Can you just fucking leave me alone?

Trying to break my rice bowl? Try harder. (Kindly brush up your terrible English!) Why go through agent or broker ah? Let me show you why ok? 

Becos I'm Joanne, not Joann. If dealers cannot give me a good price, I will push to all my exporters and their own circle of contacts. Exporters specially set up a group chat for ME, AND I'M POWERFUL ENOUGH TO NAME THE PRICE. 

To the point, even dealers are asking for quotes from my exporters now. THROUGH ME. U understand? Now?

Scrap or used cars with lifespan, I can get the BEST price. (Why not I give you all my cars? I've PLENTY! Since you are so sure that you can offer people higher than what I offered? Btw, I can push price $1-5k higher than dealer's margin.) My contacts is wide, my network is wide.

There was once the exporter accidentally gave my customer additional $1k for his scrap car, I went back to return it to them. From then, they trusted me a lot. Don't even need to view my customers' cars at all. Then, they might be buying crane from my parents. That's why I get all the privilege. 

I'm one unique broker. Becos I can don't earn a single cent and work willingly, for a good reason of cos! 

I reached home at 12am, closed this deal. A lady from Carousell, she called me at 10:30pm the night before. She literally finds me very special becos of all my descriptions on Carousell. 

And I'm straight forward towards EVERYONE. Dealers, customers, everyone is the same. I don't fucking do my sales like you, keep pestering people to place deposit. It only works on old uncle leh. And if you think I used my beauty charm, you're so wrong. 90% of my customers are ladies. 

But yes, I gotta admit, my looks play a part with all the suppliers, dealers, exporters etc. The "largest PI" in SG came over and talk to me when I was at Turf. But I never ever flirt with them. 

I know you knew him too, through your company. And apparently, all his cars are parking and displaying FREE in your so called "direct buyer company showroom". In another word, you're also a "broker or agent" selling other's cars, no? I can get it cheaper than what you offered. 

So you understand now? Why you can never be me? You don't even have 30% of my capability, brain, guts, generousity and maturity, even though you're 10 years older than me. I've never wanted to boast anything. But you're copying my style on Carousell. Then, using words to counter me. 

Can I tell you something honestly? It's plain annoying to see your repeated posts and face on Carousell. Trying to take photo like me mah? LOL

Stop all your fucking nonsense once and for all, Mdm Shameless Drama Queen, who only know how to cry.


Thank you for reading my humble blog, will reply to you shortly.