Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The title, this song and this post have no link at all. I just feel like listening to this song again. My sec sch friend can sing this song very well.

I wonder if the market is really slow now (cos many people called me and complain) or I'm just being lazy...

I closed 27 deals in two months. It was really hard work. The thing about freelance is, YOU CANNOT STOP. Once the momentum is gone, it's hard to get it back. 

But I'm seriously slacking now... Cos ah, I'm leaving on a jet plane this week liao. I'm not really enthu to take in customers leh. Like if I know the customer is not in a hurry, I just don't bother lor. 

Heehee I've got one live advertisement uncle; Carousell uncle! 谢谢你哦! He took one stack of namecard from me, remember? And he's really promoting for me sia! Always count my blessings to meet nice people. 

Appreciate such understanding customer. Anyway, I don't entertain those overly fussy & calculative customers, becos I won't be unable to find one that meets their expectation. But trust me, such people always get cheated the most one. Becos they make people's life difficult, do you think people will do more for them, willingly?

I think I should get "good service" award. Lol! The ability to make customer come back to you, even when he didn't buy the car from you. (I helped him to scrap his old ride.)

Well, even if you didn't buy the car from me, I'll still try to help if possible. Anyway, he bought the car from a direct owner, not much cheaper though. Within a week, the whole roof shacked down. Hope the seller will rectify this issue lor.

Becos yes, this is considered "wear and tear" but think about it, if you just bought the car and such thing happened and you have to be car-less for a few days + pay for the repair (not cheap somemore), it's sickening. I'm just putting myself in the buyer's shoe lah, I'm also a car owner what.

But this customer is funny lah. I think I told him about a person (not my customer) complaining to me that she "cry everyday" after buying her car. See ah. Sometimes I also don't know how to "advise" people. Ask them not to buy, they think that I just want to earn their money. So I don't wanna say much now, up to you, got problem then come to me lor. This type of thing is heng sway one.

There's a reason why I don't work with some companies, no matter how they tried to get me in. I'm not boasting. Many people tried to rope me into their company, to run the business for them. In order not to offend any, I rejected all. I don't want to be under the mercy of anyone. 

Ah bo, how will I be able to say such thing to the boss? Hahaha! He still call me after that lor. And yes, he did what he should for my customer. Lol

To them, you're one time business cos you won't change car every month what, but I'm not mah. Whether the car is good condition or not, I'll get more accurate infos than you. Becos if sell liao a lot of problems, they will get it from me. 

Just to clarify the above sentence, I fight for a fair deal. Dealers earn what they should, customers get what they want. 

Dealer wants to sell more expensive and the customer accepts, no problem, just make sure the car condition justifies the price lor. 

Customer needs to be reasonable too. You want cheap and everything new (even no spoil also need to change new one), you wait long long lor. If got such, everyone snatch liao, when will be your turn? (Unless you and I are lucky enough, and you've informed me to keep a lookout for it.)

In SG, good things are never cheap, cheap things are never good. Everyone needs to survive, so what makes you think you're special?

"You didn't help me to get any special price what. If that's the case, might as well I find the car myself?"

Can ah, why not? I didn't say you cannot mah. The reason for me to be around is to prevent those customers who know nuts, or those over chin chai (don't dare to fight it out), or those too busy to find out anything, to get cheated.

Like I said, you want cheap, I've raw "as is" condition cars too. If you're lucky, you will get a good one. But please note that I'm not a mechanic, I won't know if the car condition is okay or not, kindly check properly before buying. Not okay, don't buy, I will not force you to buy. Don't come and kpkb at me and expect me to pay for you if there's anything wrong. Please hor, you've already got it way cheaper than market price.

I'll be back! ^^

My EX sec sch friend.

I've a few "maids" lately. Just open mouth nia, they do everything for me. Like this coming trip, I don't think I've prepared anything for it yet. But my air tix, hotel, currency all settled liao. I only need to prepare "myself" to appear at the airport can liao. NIGHT flight, finally.

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