Saturday, October 8, 2016

Depre & Demand


O'rite, I'm sure all car owners know what's depreciation. Which means the amount of money you will lose per year for driving your car. Of cos, the lower, the better.

BUT, lower may also means the car (brand) is not sellable, problematic etc. Dealer buy low, so sell low lor. Which means if you planned to resell it again, the value will be low too. 

So unless you planned to drive till scrap, buying lower depre doesn't really benefits you leh. 

Some of the cars, dealer don't even want to take in, at all. Market is bad, they won't anyhow buy car and take risk. 

Just so you know, COE doesn't affect used cars at all. Dealers buy/sell car based on current depre and market value. They don't bother about COE one leh.
EG: A 2009 C180 and a 2011 C180 has the same depre of about 15-16k now, even though COE is different amount.
So actually, higher COE is good cos you can scrap the car earlier in any case the car has no demand. Main loser for high COE is the first owner. 


Your car value is determined by demand, no matter is resell, scrap or export. No demand = no value. No matter how valuable or good condition you think your car is, no demand = no value or low value. 

Take my C180 facelift for example...

I'm not kidding when I said every dealer is eyeing for my car everywhere I go. They keep asking me to sell them. Sometimes when I parked into dealer's lot, passerby will ask "how much is this car?" 

If I really want to sell it now, I'm not worried of no buyer and I won't lose a single cent. 

This model, this facelift, in and out extremely fast. It's not very common in the market becos it's so good nobody want to sell, lol. (It's a branded economy car, hahaha! Road tax $371 only!!! Dealers said it's a very 耐 car, very good for sales people! I love it!) 

My depre is close to $15k but okay, cos got demand, dealers will be snatching and pushing up the price. 
If my car is the P brand (looks like lion one) or C brand now, jialat liao, I've to hug it until it die. 

Aiya, whether got demand or not, car trade people know it best. Sometimes, I feel so sad for owners when I've to tell them their car nobody want or dealer taking in at really low price. (Low until some dealers paiseh to even offer so they will "pass".) 

I hope this post helps if you're considering an used car now. I welcome all opinions becos this is based on my own research and analysis from the infos kind dealers have been teaching me. 

I'm STILL a newbie, and have never claimed to be an expert in car trade. It's okay to be new, you learn as you grow.
Sam has been wanting to teach me all the paperwork so I can do it on my own but I die die don't want to learn, I tell him I'm lazy. Lol 
Ok what. It's so fun to work with me. Only laughter and more laughter. I always find him to talk cock at AML. 

But it's not okay to be stupid, people around you will suffer. It's worse when you're stupid, but you act like a big boss and expect everyone to listen & follow your stupidities. It's fucking worst when you're stupid, but you keep trying to challenge others.
I protected him more than you do. To the point, I tolerated you cos of him, I will not do anything that will cause harm to him. I know a lot of things already, but I've never thought of ruining anyone.

Stupid = left their brain at home and constantly doing childish things that will cause damages and affect others. Instead of solving problems, you create problems. A liability to everyone. 

Yes. Staying positive is my forte, I always help, inspire and encourage people. At the same time, I received plenty of help and encouragement too.  

When you really love someone, be it your family, friends or partner, you only wish he/she will become a better person everyday. You help them to become a better person. 

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