Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hope it gets better!

The economy has been going downhill and hitted many people directly...

It's honestly heartbreaking to help people sell their cars, becos they needed cashflow. (Especially when they said, "let me take a few more looks at my car" during handover. Wah. I cannot take it leh!)

I hope I helped them somewhere, somehow. I pushed the price for an Audi A4 from an average $33k to $37k. Agreement signed today. 

In fact, I've told everyone to hold on until I come back. I'll settle it one by one next week. But this is so urgent, I've to help him to proceed ASAP. So I went to dealer's place to get agreement, then rushed to customer's place to sign. Then back to dealer's again. 

I got do my job hor, to follow up and expedite, if needed. 

It's true leh. 做人要学会,拿得起,放得下。You have to learn to let go, before you can start afresh all over again. And life comes with obstacles, everyone suffers, at different stage of life. Everyone is fighting their own battle nobody knows about. Be kind, always. 

I knew this will happen when PAP won majority of the votes. There's no balance in SG anymore. We're all loser, Govt is the only winner. It's already not easy to manage a Company, let alone a whole Country, unless you know how to be very maniplative. Making people believe that everything you do is for benefit of everyone. Serious? Many people are dying already, do you all know that?
Not expecting any help or spoon feeding, but just hope you all don't "add on" to the injury at this point of time. HDB increasing commercial rental by $2k is not helping at all. 
I'm sorry if it offends any pro PAP here. I'm not against PAP, but look around you, did our life really "improved"? Or only the life and scenery of Singapore improved?
I really wonder if my kids will grow up to be crazy due to the competitive and stressful environment here? Humans are no longer geninuely happy, no longer know how to appreciate all the little things, no longer know how to be kind, becos everyone has their own difficulty to survive.

P/S: Don't need to ask me to migrate if I'm not happy here. I'd love to, but I've no ability to. I want to bring my kids to a place where we can live simple and stress-free. Everyday feed animals, plant vegetable and fruits until die also okay. Study? Study for what? No need to compete with animals or plants what. Not much expenses, so we won't need much money. This is called "life". We live to be happy, not to be the slave for money.


  1. What do you mean by you've no ability to? Sell away your HDB, your car and your branded bags and go to the rural country and feed animals for the rest of your life with your kids. It's kinda contradicting how you said you don't need "much expenses" get you "can't afford to".

    If you mean that you can't afford to because of other aspects in life like your parents and siblings, then I'm sorry, be prepared to sacrifice for what you "truly want". That's in inverted commas because honestly, you think you can feed animals and plant vegetables for your whole life?

    1. I sell you lor, u want to buy? Do you think it's so easy to just go to another country without any lodging or whatever elsewhere? Think before you speak.

      Don't have to worry about my kids out in the night when they grow up? ARE YOU FUCKING SURE? Let me tell you, I don't even feel safe bringing them out for shopping now. What fucking top notch education do you need? Go outside and see how many top notch educated people are jobless now.

      It doesn't affect you doesn't mean it doesn't affect others. So before you judge and comment, think about others too.

    2. And what's wrong with feeding animals and planting vegetable? Are you looking down on farmers?

    3. Oops, sorry, it's WORLD CLASS EDUCATION and TOP NOTCH SECURITY. Make sure you don't eat your own words one day.

  2. P.S You're a capable woman with two bright kids. Singapore is the place where people flock to for our world class education and top-notch security system in place here. At least, you don't have to worry when your kids are out in the night when the grow up.


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