Friday, October 14, 2016


Hahaha! Scary photos! The "edit" is too extreme liao. It's the app hor, not me. Anyway, how's my new hair color? Nice hor? Better don't reveal what color if not someone will copy again. Lol 

I know it's childish that's why I've never bother, but she's doing it to the extreme already.

I mentioned that my hair is forever messy, but my friend said 乱中有型, her hair suddenly become messy too. 

Then I mentioned about more natural makeup (mascara or more natural falsies), her makeup suddenly changed too. 

Rem this photo? Lol her photo also comes with a cap now. IT'S FUCKING ANNOYING. 

Despite facing her very annoying copycat illness for a very long time, I controlled myself from flaring up until her "challenge" came. 

Being a blogger means I've a sharing heart, I share with everyone about everything, my job is to influence people. It's a good sign people are influenced by me. 

What I cannot stand is, she obviously dislike me becos she's shamelessly in love with my ex bf, then she tried to copy my everything, then showed off to me that she's sweetly in "love" now.

Fine. I know it always take two hands to clap. I moved on, let them have their happiness. She still didn't let me off. 

Continue stalking and copying me. Do so much nonsense just to prove she's better than me? 

There's a difference when someone is influenced by me and thanking me for the inspiration and someone who is secretly copying my everything and keep trying to prove that she's better. 

It's okay if she's better if she has the real ability to be better. (There will always be people better, prettier etc than us!) But copying from my head to toe, always a step behind me, how can she ever be better?

Let's not talk about age, looks and dressings. She don't even have a brain. 

A smart woman will never compare and compete.
Somehow, I used to pity her for still being so childish at the age of 42. Like hello. People are there to work, not to fight for attention, not to do leopard prints fashion show, not to prove who is prettier, not to fight for a man. 

You don't need to support your kids but I need leh. Do you think I've the time to play all these with you? I just wanted to work, but you gave me hell loads of problems becos of your jealousy and unbalanced mentality. Do you feel happy to make others' life difficult? 

To be honest, if you behaved like your age, didn't do all those nonsense that you did, the company will be doing very well now. 

You like to act like a "lady boss", holding the cheque book etc, nobody is stopping you. Do you think I don't know about this when we were together? I know but I choose not to make this an issue to argue becos I know you're helping him. I choose to keep quiet becos I know if I make noise, I'll put him in a difficult position. I TRUSTED HIM. And, you can ask him, I was worried that you will be jobless. 

But why issit that I think for him, I think for you, you all still choose to destroy me again and again? Becos I appeared strong? Becos I don't cry in public like you? So I deserved it?

I didn't "snatch" him away from you. We met, he wooed me, we fell in love, and our love was simple and pure, at first. 

I've no idea what r/s you all have before or after me, and I don't wish to know anymore. My heart is really exhausted. 

You have no idea what I've gone through and what I'm going through. I cannot breakdown, becos my kids only have me now.

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