Friday, October 21, 2016

Safe? World class education?

It's funny how people STILL think that SG is as safe as the past. Top notch security??? Don't have to worry when my kids go out at night in future? Joke.

And look at what our world class education did to children and parents? Simi lan world class? When you lose your kid to our world class education? This is what I meant. Driving kids crazy. 

How selfish can some people be uh? Expecting everyone to feel the same way they felt becos things didn't happen on them. 

So becos you're not affected = others deserved it lah??? *roll eyes*

Anyway, I'm going out to eat my wanton mee, pork leg rice, fried chicken wings etc etc now...

Funny sia. Singapore don't meet (becos all damn fucking busy), meet in BKK. Ok bye!


  1. As unfortunate as the kid suicide was, you cannot solely blame it on the education system. Singapire only have 1 resource, human talent and while we do not wish to unduely stress our kids, if our education system is slacker, Singapore will lose its edge. The onus then is on the parents to ensure that they nurture and encourage their kids without giving them too much stress

    1. It is however, not everyone is born gifted. And it isn't easy if your child's progress is much slower than others. Pushing too hard might have adverse effect, like the kid suicide.

      Our education system is honestly too harsh, to a point, my girl at P3, I do not know how to teach her homework at all. End up, parents probably have to go to tuition together with the kids. How much can we as a parent take it, when we have to work to survive, and ensure your kids can go through proper education? Work life balance can never happen in Singapore.

      P/S: I'm not attacking your comment becos I do agree with you.


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