Thursday, October 27, 2016


Okay. I'm wasting my time now while waiting for my next appointment at 7pm. Honda Odyssey.

Closed liao! I've been driving like crazy these few days. Oh yah... 

I closed the Fit yesterday too. Yay! But becos it's a direct owner deal, wow, there's so much work to do! 钱很难赚啊!!! It's okay lah, everyone is happy with the price and deal, that's the most important. 

It's good to keep myself occupied and busy, so I don't have the time to anyhow think. I'm trying very hard to get my momentum back lah. Anyway...

Customer is very very pleased. From this...

To this...

Am happy to settle this problem for him! :) 

Why buy/sell through me? 

Cos I go through all the troubles for you. I search & ask everyone and everywhere, do all the liaising & fix appointment. All you need to do is to appear at the right place, that's all. 

That's my job to be precise, I don't earn your money for nothing. Becos my determination is so strong, when I said I'll help you solve the problem, means I will, just give me some time as I've other things to do also. 

I'm a problems solver. There's nothing I can't do if I want to do. There's nothing I can't find if I want to find. (I can call up the whole Singapore stockist one by one.) 

Haha okay. THIS IS LIFE! After a day of hardwork, best to get soaked in bathtub. I love my $300 bathtub!!! All the things in my house are so cheap, I can't even. My friend said it's hard to earn my money, cos I find and do everything myself. LOL

Painting the house almost killed me can. But my painting skill is not bad one hor. I think I'm so MAN lah. My friend said, "Other than your looks, I cannot find any female hormones in you." LOL TMD. How can that be? I so aunty, lol.

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