Friday, October 21, 2016

Welcome to BKK!

Before I start, someone, read this...

You're not affected, does it mean others are not affected as well? Let me be honest with you, I'm not affected (currently), I thank god for all the luck and intelligence, and a heart who knows how to consider other's feeling. Precisely, I do not want my kids to grow up to be like you, that's why I wanted to leave SG. 

Btw, are you living in your own world? Foreigners are flocking here, but do you have any idea Singaporeans are leaving here as well? 

I've no time to bother about you, so stop commenting. I can't really be bothered to read. I blog what I like, and I don't think I'm saying about you at all. Unless you're Govt? No idea why you get so worked up? Tsk. Don't have to try so hard to change my mind about Govt or PAP, it has nothing to do with you. 

Had a hard time digging out all my BLACK clothing. My friend ah, came to pick me (just to send me to airport) at 6pm, when my flight is at 10pm, lol! I think he's seriously worried that I'll be late. Anyway, the 22 years old policeman is off today, his coll told me one, haha! 

I just reached not long ago, and I'm fucking shag now. Heh. No leh. Clubs are still opening. I need to think what I wanna eat tomorrow, lol. 

I'm so lazy to move, to shower. I just want to slack... here for I don't know how many days lah. I don't know my flight details & I don't know where I'm staying.

Sometimes, it's good not knowing anything, keep your mind empty and go with the flow. 

Good night. I'm dozing off, with my makeup on. 

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