Saturday, October 15, 2016

What is consignment aka direct owner sales?

Owner has no urgency to sell, will only sell when the price is right. They can't accept what the dealers are offering them. 

You can choose to consign your car if; 

1) You can afford to lose the depre and wait. 
2) You need to be very lucky. 

The price of a consignment aka direct owner car has to be in between the price dealer takes in, and the price dealer is selling. 

When such a deal is closed, seller will get $2-3k more, and buyer will buy at $2-3k less. Depends on the model and made. 

Anyway, to be more exact, let's look at the depre... 

A Honda Civic's depre is around $12-$13k now. So for a direct deal, you must buy at around $9-$10k depre, more than $11k depre is not worth liao. 


You're buying "as is" condition, no touch up or make swee swee. Consignment aka direct owner deal has no lemon law. In any case the car has major issues after handover, you have to "eat" it up yourself. Although lemon law has many loopholes, but there's still a chance you get to claim your money back. Sometimes, it might not be a "real" consignment unit. If you get what I mean.

The most relaxed seller ever, haha. No, he's not urgent to sell, and prefer to park the car at home when dealers offered him ridiculous prices. 

He stays at Cairnhill and apparently bought this car 10 months ago, for fun. He's holidaying most of the time, that's why he wanted to sell, only when the price is right. 

Anyway, he's on holiday NOW. Passed everything (IC, company stamp, both keys and car) to me without collecting any deposit. Oh my. He don't know me at all. 

Initially planned to handover only when he's back. But he asked me to handover earlier cos the car is due for inspection soon, just pass him the cash when he's back can liao. Damn relax, I'm amused. 

As for the buyer, he's also mad steady, confirmed on the spot. But he requested to send it for inspection before handover and so...

I sent it that day lor. The extreme measure I'll go for my customers. When people are chin chai and steady, of cos I'll be steady too lah. Car handed over yesterday! 

Actually, I'm thankful for the trust people have for me. That's why I don't mind going all way out, just to make them convenient and happy. 

My philosophy in life is very simple. When you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you too, no matter who you are. 


I'm very fast paced. Unless I'm busy when you msg, if not I'll response almost immediately. And get back shortly with cars and prices. 

You can ask my friend how excited I was when I found him a buyer even though I don't earn a single cent from that deal. (Okay, he gave me a little angbao that day but I haven't open. He told me is a small token. I don't want to open.) 

Even this customer, who turned friend, I didn't earn a cent from her deal too. Am happy she settled her car issue. 

I'm like that, not becos I'm excited to earn your money, not becos I'm earning a lot from you. But after going into sales line, I know how "luck" and "timing" play a big part in it. 

Frustrating moment when I can't get good price for customers until one dealer has an immediate buyer. So before that buyer bought his car and dealer decided not to buy in so high, of cos I'm excited for you. 

Especially when it comes to export or scrap price, omg, the price changes daily. Like eg, today I can get a $2.2k for Mark X body (highest in the whole market), 3 days later might drop to $800 or lesser. Last two weeks, Estima body can fetch up to $4k, two days ago I asked, become $450. You know the frustration? Like walao, how am I going to tell customer leh? Later they think I'm cheating them sia. 

See lor. I'm not lying. The fucking price changes everyday based on demand. So when I can get a good price, of cos I'm excited for you lah. (Ignore the S5, I think he meant per year.)

Or when customer wants a certain model, I can't find a good one from my trusted dealers. I can only say, good car don't wait. Everyone will be "reserving" for their own customers. It's not so easy to find a good used car. It's quite sickening if you have to keep going workshop, isn't it?

But haiz, there's no point getting excited for people who have no urgency. If you have no urgency, just tell me, I'll reply only when you're urgent. Becos I don't want to be termed as "pushy" or "irritating", when I'm just doing my job. 

I'm those "I don't want to do your business" kind of person if you don't trust me. I believe in "chemistry" for working partners and customers. Lack of that, I cannot pretend to be nice. I won't talk much to you if I don't like you.

But all in all, I just want the good for people, that's all. Whether you buy from me or whoever else, most importantly, enjoy your new ride, be safe & happy! :) 


I'm glad that all my customers' car are safe and sound now. *touch wood* They're happy with my intro, service, their new ride, and of cos, the very decent and fair deal from all my trusted dealers. (Cos if they kena "eat", here comes the tigeress. *roar* LOL) 

Well, I'm thankful to all the dealers who give face to this amateur; yours truly lah. But I think I'm a joy to them, cos I bring them business and I'm funny. They will miss me if I didn't appear for too long de leh. Then all will start calling me, "Are you coming today?" "Where are you?" Haha 

Here here here. Still alive. LOLOL

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