Sunday, November 6, 2016

Bits and pieces from 0 to 90!

Was showing a friend my house layout cos maybe he has to rent from me for a short period of time... Went into the album on FB, which I've locked it for a long time.

Stopped updating the album since March, I think? 



This is my humble little nest. 

Why 90? Cos it's incomplete. I still have one empty room. Saving up for my wardrobe! :) Actually, it's made up of just IKEA and cheap furnitures with plenty of D.I.Y. paintwork and stickers. 

He's saying that my daughters' room is so pretty. Let me summarise of what I've spent...

IKEA bed, $299 each. 
Curtain $60? 
Wall shelves $40? 
Book shelf $30? 
Wall stickers $50?
Mini bee fan (which is the most expensive inside the whole room) $330. 
D.I.Y painting.

That's all. But the effort I put in is priceless. It's just me. Either do or don't do, there's no in between. 

Can't compare it to those ID designed house though, but I'm contented enough. My friend said my design sense is power can! I think the stickers play a big big part to beautify it. I said I can do reno for him too, LOLOL! 
Btw, I ended up didn't attend Ricky's house warming cos I went to close this car...
It was a very last min impromptu appointment. But I know they will buy on the spot, becos I've been following up. Yes indeed. Done deal in 10 minutes, didn't even test drive. Really thankful to meet such steady and decisive customer. They don't know me at all. Thank you for the trust. Now I understand why that alibaba guy said it's better to sell to strangers. LOL

Thank you for the very kind comment dear! :)
She's a blog reader turned friend. 

Went to visit Justin with Ashley after my appointment. Waiting for you to sing duet with me Justin! Recover ASAP! This is an order!!!


  1. Hi joanne, can i know which seller you bought the drawers with compartment at qoo10 from? Tried searching but no avail. TIA!(:

    1. Hihi, I think it's sold out and not available anymore.


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