Saturday, November 5, 2016

吴彦祖 HAHA

Received a msg from Ash at 5+pm yesterday, asking if I want to chill, at our usual spot. I was nearby for an appointment so I told him I'll go after that. Just nice, I WANT TO SING BADLY, lol, 演员!!!

It's just hmm... few of us, lol. Zen & wife can't make it for a personal reason, no idea why they didn't ask Jane? Justin just got discharged from ICU. Scared me sia. Get well soon, my fairytale and my ah ma.

I posted this on FB, someone commented he looks like 吴彦祖. LOLOLOL 

He said I look fat in this photo, so retake again, head must lower abit. Hahahaha! Damn, he has plenty of my fugly photos. LOL

Not bad eh, I've many handsome friends & they really protect and take care of me like a sister. I don't understand why they never allow me to pay when I go out with them. In fact, the men I met lately are all very gentlemen leh. But I'll still pay, secretly. Friends, not date, don't see the need for them to pay for me eh.

Hahahaha someone went to eat Happy Meal just to get me this Twin Stars, upon my request! He said he looked like an idiot cos he ate Happy Meal for his dinner. LOL 谢谢哦! It's really not that hard to make me happy.

Hur! Another angbao from friend! It's really paiseh to take it. But they said I take liao then will be lucky! Thank you thank you. Let's all huat together! :) 

Dating with my two girls today! We're wearing the same tee. Heehee

Meimei's fantasy! You see ah, she literally brings her rotten bear everywhere she goes, treats it like a living thing. She will comes up with nonsense like, "my bear bear also want to go shopping", "Orange is hungry, so I'm bringing him to eat also", LOL! This fatty. I really bth her. 

Went to buy birdnests for my ah ma & Justin Teng too. Speedy recovery to him. It was so critical that he almost died. Life is so fragile. 

My friend is bored. He's my secondary school mate, and happens to be in car trade too. Everyone seems to enjoy my company and crap. Hahahaha 

That day we went to settle something. Then I was like, "omg, Zhikai, what happened to your tummy?" He said, "I'm trying hard to maintain it." Hahaha IT'S SO HUGE. He used to be so skinny. 

Then I said, "I like to stand beside you." He replied, "I know. Many people like to stand beside me, will look slimmer." LOL

I'm bringing the kids to attend Ricky's (my 4 years ex bf, rem?) housewarming tomorrow. That day I called him, ask him what does he need? I was at Taka, shopping. He said he has everything he needed already, don't need to buy. I said, "don't bluff, there is something you confirm don't have one". 

He laughed and said, "What? Confirm its some nonsense again, you and all your nonsense!"

"Weighing machine lor! You're getting fatter so I think you don't have a weighing machine at home!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I really wanted to buy hor. But he said he slimmed down already. LOL 

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