Sunday, November 13, 2016

Latest Cat B COE Bidding

Hahahaha I won myself a HDL from the latest Cat B COE bidding!!! Why? Becos I don't think will go up lor, when everyone else think so.

Wahahahahahaha! It went down by $204. He's not the only one who said will shoot up. It's not sheer luck that I think so, but I really feel so. Why?

Becos the previous COE already shoot up $3K+ leh. Economy is so bad now, if it shoots up further, nobody can afford a car anymore. Govt is not stupid. Yah, Agent sold 200+ units from Motor Show but Agent is not 1 bid mah, at least 6-8 bids what. Aiya, like I said before, MANIPULATE is the word.

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