Monday, November 14, 2016

We sold...

A brand new Toyota Hiace last night! We = me and Sam. I followed this customer for a long time liao, I know he definitely will buy! This deal is kinda funny, becos we're both not so familiar with commercial. Hahahahaha 

And you know, Singapore is really small. The buyer's group of friends happened to know my sec sch friend. LOL

On the other hand, I also closed one Toyota Wish. I asked the dealer to handle for me! Closed Latio on Friday too! :) 

A very fruitful week. This week gonna be very busy, doing my house things, viewings, handovers, settling customer's doc etc. 

I put on weight liao, lol. Don't know if I should be happy or sad leh? I think it's the beer? Or the good food someone has been bringing me to? Haha

The light cost $19.90 only, I bought it online long long ago.

They (my sec sch friend and his uncle) only charged me $50 in total. They helped me to buy all the parts, and they're very very helpful, asked me to call them anytime if I need help. 

I guess, I'm a not bad person. Becos whenever I open my mouth to ask for help, people will offer, and it's many. Was telling my mum, sometimes, I feel really thankful to meet so many people who are so willing to help me. My life is not perfect, not even great, but all these people made it better. Thank you so so so much, friends.

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