Monday, December 26, 2016

CNY Angbao Giveaway

CNY 2017 is only one month away. Time passes like a shooting star. Due to the current economy, I doubt it will be a "happy" CNY. But well, 还是要过!

Quite some time ago, I've asked people to design and print red packets for all my customers! But I've no design in mind, so the designer changed quite a few times to one that's simple and I like! ✌🏻️

And TADAH!!! The final one...

Comes in a pack of 10.


Each reader is entitled to 1 pack! Only for the first 23 readers who email ( or text (90087688) me your address! I'll mail the angbao to you, at my cost! 😊
Once again, thank you for all the support and trust! And of cos, thank you so much for reading all my craps. wouldn't make it without you guys!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Bali Escapade

Date: 20th - 22nd December 2016

Before I start, I've a confession to make...

TADAH. X'mas (excuse only lah) gift for myself! Nobody buy for me so I buy for myself loh. 🙊

Heh. No idea how to start about Bali becos I didn't plan for anything, I just follow blindly, as usual.

But I managed to take hell loads of selfies becos... I feel like it? Lol

First meal upon arriving Bali! It's crispy duck (one of their popular dish) but it taste and look like ikan bilis. It's good though! Sedup! 👍🏻

Bebek Tepi Sawah restaurant 
Krisna Kuliner Jl. Raya Raya Tuban

The villa I stayed; Bhuwana Ubud Hotel. It's located at Ubud, a more ulu part of Bali. Nature themed villa which I don't really like, cos I prefer the sea!!! I'm a cancerian, a crab, I love the sea. 

Bhuwana Ubud Hotel
Jl. Pengosekan, Ubud, ID, Indonesia

Another thing I dislike about nature themed is cos there are a lot of weird insects. My blood is mosquitos' favourite. 

The very LARGE room. Got bathtub but I don't dare to use cos a lot of gah gah. 

我的感想! 😬

Over ordered dinner for the first night. Apparently, PORK ribs is also one of the popular dish in Bali. Bali is not a Muslim country. 

Jl. Raya Mas, Ubud - Bali

3 hours of recharge & rejuvenate. Massage, Balinese body wrap, flower bath + another horrible 洗头 inside the hotel. The 洗头 there really CMI. 💩 The massage is not bad though! 

Was so disappointed that I didn't managed to go to the beach for a romantic dinner cos it suddenly rain. While waiting for the rain to stop, I took about 627527 selfies lor. Hur, I want to go beach. 😭

Luckily, the seafood dinner nearby was satisfying. 👍🏻👍🏻

Here. 10 mins drive from my hotel. Food in Bali is not so cheap actually, compared to Krabi. But still, cheaper than SG.

Coco Bistro
Ubud Raya, Ubud, Indonesia 

Buffet breakfast on the last day, nothing much & nothing fantastic though. Just a friendly reminder, this hotel/villa don't serve any alcohol. You can "smuggle" in lah.

Bali largest shopping mall; Mall Bali Galleria. It's really really LARGE. No address needed cos everyone there will know about this mall. 

It's my first time to Bali and I'm kinda impressed by the airport. I thought it will be like Bangkok but no leh. 

Overall, I enjoyed but I think it could be better. I didn't get to go beach! 😭 But it was a total relax trip, away from the harsh Singapore. 

Byebye Bali! See you again, but not anytime soon. Cos I want to go to places that I've never been to before. 

On the list...
1) Maldives
2) Borocay
3) Santorini
4) Lang Tengah
5) Koh Samui (someone jio me go liao!) 

🤔 Will my mother kill me? 😂

Saturday, December 17, 2016

$400 poorer!

Sorry, I'm self obsessed.

Meimei ah Meimei. Lol

And so, their dream came true. Bought them a pair each. I've no idea how much is the market price cos I didn't do any research. But Raeann has been pestering me for it. She's the one who googled and tell me where to buy de. 
He thought they are only 1 year difference.

Raeann can skate liao. Meimei has learnt to balance herself and walk. It's a good buy even though I think it's so expensive! But it will last them for a long time becos the size is adjustable!!!

And I forced them to keep it by themselves after playing. The maids offered to help, but I wanted them to do it themselves. If they don't learn, they will never know how to do it. 

In fact, I also don't know why I employ a maid. I was all alone for the past 9 years, and I survived. Even now, when I bring the girls out, I seldom bring the maid along. Her voice is annoying. I don't wish to annoy myself. Lol

She's those ah, the things she should do, she don't do. None of her business, she's damn kpo! 

And I really don't like her to touch my things becos she will rearrange everything and I cannot find it. So I ended up packing things myself too. 

I seldom scold her btw. I don't talk much to her too. But my good tempered mum cannot tahan her, lol. There are reasons why I didn't send her back, but I'm not gonna say much. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Farewell Sadness

Aiyo, my hair can never stay in shape! The wind... 乱中有型!!! 😂

Last catchup before she flys off tomorrow, and back next year! Safe trip and have fun, Wdy! 

Farewell all the sadness and unhappiness in 2016. We are prepared to welcome 2017 with a blast! 😊

I'm also leaving next week! Haven't prepare anything yet. Lol, AS USUAL! People helped me to do everything, I only need to pack luggage and appear at the airport. 

Blessed with many many nice friends. Friends who are always there for me. Friends who are just a phone call away. Friends who put in effort to contact me. Friends who remember me. Friends who are mad worried about me. 

Thank you all, for being part of my life. I'm grateful, very. 😊

I miss this place; LeVel33 alot! I can sit there and stone for hours, ALONE. Hahaha

Wdy said I've a clubbing face but I really really dislike clubbing. I don't like crowd, I don't like loud music, I don't like places where I have to shout to talk to my friends. It's not becos I'm old already, I'm lidat since young. 

For those who are just like me, prefer chilling spots, try LeVel33 located at MBFC. You will love the place! Happy hour until 8pm! 

Oh yah. I was at the hair salon yesterday. They told me one of my blog reader (whom I've no idea who) went to do her hair after reading my blog. HELLO THERE! If you're reading this now! 😉