Saturday, December 17, 2016

$400 poorer!

Sorry, I'm self obsessed.

Meimei ah Meimei. Lol

And so, their dream came true. Bought them a pair each. I've no idea how much is the market price cos I didn't do any research. But Raeann has been pestering me for it. She's the one who googled and tell me where to buy de. 
He thought they are only 1 year difference.

Raeann can skate liao. Meimei has learnt to balance herself and walk. It's a good buy even though I think it's so expensive! But it will last them for a long time becos the size is adjustable!!!

And I forced them to keep it by themselves after playing. The maids offered to help, but I wanted them to do it themselves. If they don't learn, they will never know how to do it. 

In fact, I also don't know why I employ a maid. I was all alone for the past 9 years, and I survived. Even now, when I bring the girls out, I seldom bring the maid along. Her voice is annoying. I don't wish to annoy myself. Lol

She's those ah, the things she should do, she don't do. None of her business, she's damn kpo! 

And I really don't like her to touch my things becos she will rearrange everything and I cannot find it. So I ended up packing things myself too. 

I seldom scold her btw. I don't talk much to her too. But my good tempered mum cannot tahan her, lol. There are reasons why I didn't send her back, but I'm not gonna say much. 

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