Thursday, December 15, 2016



Delivery of Honda Vezel Hybrid RS yesterday! I'm so so so glad that this case is finally closed. What an experience dealing with people who flipped their words like roti prata! OMFG

No idea why he still got the cheek to msg me, asked me why I didn't sell for him, AFTER all the troubles he has caused for me. I fucked them upside down. Sorry, I'm this blunt. No more next time. 

That's the issue about new cars. People wanna go for cheap, even if it's only $1k cheaper. Then ah, after paying, you're at their mercy. They want to say what also can. You can only LL becos you just wanted to get your car, better than no delivery. 

So what if your price is cheap, when you can't even honour your own words? I can forgo the comm, I just want to ensure my customer get his car. 
Really don't like to sell new cars. Waste time!!! 

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