Friday, December 16, 2016

Farewell Sadness

Aiyo, my hair can never stay in shape! The wind... 乱中有型!!! 😂

Last catchup before she flys off tomorrow, and back next year! Safe trip and have fun, Wdy! 

Farewell all the sadness and unhappiness in 2016. We are prepared to welcome 2017 with a blast! 😊

I'm also leaving next week! Haven't prepare anything yet. Lol, AS USUAL! People helped me to do everything, I only need to pack luggage and appear at the airport. 

Blessed with many many nice friends. Friends who are always there for me. Friends who are just a phone call away. Friends who put in effort to contact me. Friends who remember me. Friends who are mad worried about me. 

Thank you all, for being part of my life. I'm grateful, very. 😊

I miss this place; LeVel33 alot! I can sit there and stone for hours, ALONE. Hahaha

Wdy said I've a clubbing face but I really really dislike clubbing. I don't like crowd, I don't like loud music, I don't like places where I have to shout to talk to my friends. It's not becos I'm old already, I'm lidat since young. 

For those who are just like me, prefer chilling spots, try LeVel33 located at MBFC. You will love the place! Happy hour until 8pm! 

Oh yah. I was at the hair salon yesterday. They told me one of my blog reader (whom I've no idea who) went to do her hair after reading my blog. HELLO THERE! If you're reading this now! 😉

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