Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hot Date!

Just so you know, I'm a very humble person unless I get very provoked. Otherwise, I'll never boast or talk about what I have. If people ask me what car I'm driving now, I'll always reply, "aiya normal car only lah." 
I know, my car is absolutely no big deal as compared to others. But I made all these come true, MYSELF. I didn't borrow, didn't steal, didn't cheat. And it's not balloon scheme! Lol Everything I have, it's my hard earned money. I love my car! 😍

Yes. I'm capable. God made me a very hardworking and capable woman. But in return, I've a tough love life. Who doesn't wish to stay home and shake leg if possible? But not everyone has the luxury to do so. 😔

I don't trust any man. I don't feel secure with anyone saying that they will "support" me till I die. They will leave anytime, when they decided to do so. Nothing is forever. 
But I'm glad that I still have a kind heart even after all the nasty episodes in my life. And thank you God, for always watching out on me, repaying whatever others have done wrong to me. 😁
Revenge is never in my dictionary becos I always believe in karma. I forgive people easily. I forget things easily too. No, I'm not perfect, I just have a big heart. ❤️

My hot date for today! The mini leechy me. She's 5 already but she still sticks to me like a baby. However, she understands whenever I told her I've to work. Becos if I don't work, I'll not be able to provide them with anything. 

New earring! She has been asking for it, so I finally bought her a new pair at $68 today! But I told her that it's very expensive so she cannot buy anymore things for the next one year. Haha

My fatty. She told me she can't fits into her uniform anymore, lolol. Not she grow fat hor, is the uniform grow small. Hahaha 
How nice it is when you're missing someone, and he's also missing you! He has damn high ego. For him to say that, or even a 😘 icon, mean a lot to me. IMY.

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