Saturday, December 10, 2016

I'm not the strongest

But I'm definitely not weak leh, in sales & marketing. (Please click on the car icon and read all my good reviews!)

Really cannot understand why some dealers don't honour their words, don't do their business properly, tried to push all the responsibility to me (money they earn leh), then say... 


Wow, I don't know how to sell car or YOU DON'T HAVE INTEGRITY? 😒 

Hahaha. In this horrible economy right now, I sold more than 40 cars in the past 3 months. Yah, you might have sold 20 cars in a month, but that was when economy was good. 

Don't try to compare with me, becos I'm in competition with NO ONE. Which is why I choose to work alone, and not tied up by any company. I sell your cars only when I like you. If you choose to give me or my customer problem, okay then, bye for good - BLACKLISTED. 

Dealers can hate me, I DON'T CARE. In fact, they need me more than I need them. I've plenty of cars & plenty of customers. To a point I cannot handle alone, I've to hit out and share with people I trust.

Sold this van with Sam few days ago. He's helping me to handle the customer now becos I'm tied up with others. Thank you Sam! 

Helped customer to sell this Mazda 3 to a rental company! 

Handover of the Lancer I sold last Saturday!

Oh yeah, I don't know how to sell cars. The cars sold by themselves, promote by themselves. "Come buy me. I'm a good car." 

Even if I don't know how to do sales, my marketing is strong. I know how to use the cheapest way to promote. I don't have to spend thousands on newspaper, other's website, or whatsoever. Well, even dealers loved my ideas and asked me for contacts to do the things I did. I shared, of cos, not selfish one. 

Becos the original will always get copied. I'm proud to be the original & creative one. So if you belittle me, don't let me catch you copying my idea one day ok? Lol 

People who know me, will know I'm not an unreasonable person. I'll only flare up if I think you're too much. Whoever, all the same. 

Sorry if you're jealous of my fast progress lah. I'm quite impressed with myself too. 
I know this post is quite "kiam pah" becos I sound very "guailan". But becos I've been too nice, some dealers tried to "eat" me. They can try. I might be petite, but I'm a chilli padi. They haven't kena my powerful scolding before only. (My "boss" want to go down and bang table already. Lol)

If I can build up my base within 2 months, I can ruin you in one post too. It's up to me to decide. If you want to play punk, don't honour your own words, ok then. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a very nice person. I'll only be not nice to not nice people. And I'm on very good terms with many dealers one. They call me 小妹, LOLOL. 

Heeheehee, I miss this person already. 😍

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