Saturday, April 29, 2017


STEP 1: Send me your log card OR give me your carplate and IC, I can retrieve it from onemotoring.

STEP 2: I'll blast it out to all my dealers on my side. Dealers will start offering if they're interested.

STEP 3: I'll then tell them what's the highest offer now, and if they're really keen, they will offer higher. I'll keep pushing the price, until the best for you. (But please be reasonable lah, don't ever expect market or above market value!)

STEP 4: I'll inform you the highest offer and if you're okay with the price, I'll then arrange with both parties to view the car (usually on the same day or next day).

It will save so much of your precious time. Let me help you! 😊

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Busy but I'm lovin' it!

Woohoo! 7 cars for handover this week! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

And then, the person who gave me the shawl, encouraged me for the 8th. He said he will give me a treat if I hit 8 cars. 😊

It's true that people who wish to see the best out of you, always encouraging you to become a better person, always supporting you, are those who truly cared. Thankful for all these people in my life. 

I didn't earn much for most of the cars but I just want to keep my momentum going. Slacked for too long liao. When I chiong ah, I really do it all the way. But when I slack, it's all the way too. 😅

So, appointments for this whole week is jam packed. WHOLE WEEK. Overwhelmed but lovin' it. 😉

Btw, paying high price for scrap cars like Toyota Vios, Estima and Wish. Condition must be good, price will be good. Contact me if you have it 👌🏻?

I think hor, I should start a post about those difficult customers I met, and scolded, lol. Yeah. I don't give a damn. Especially those who THINK they're rich (or maybe they are), yet niao until juice come out, and expect people to work for them for free. 

Thank god I don't always meet such people becos ah, I filter out all these (eyes grow on top of head) people in my life. PLEASE PLEASE TOLONG 🙏🏻, don't look for me, I don't want to earn your money. 

This kind of people ah, confirm die at the hand of people who know how to "por" them. I don't know how to "por" people, sorry. I don't see the need to do it. We're all humans, you're nothing special, to me. 

And to those who love to "por lanpa", I despise you too. 😒 I don't believe by being a dog to be a good sales. 

Sales is all about sincerity and service. Providing geniune opinions and services is my sales motto. If you don't like the way I work, sorry then, go look for others. My customers are all very happy and contented, becos I don't earn their money for nothing. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Toyota C-HR

I'm sure all of you have seen and heard about this car. It comes in 3 types; 1.2S T Turbo, 1.8S/G Hybrid and 1.8S/G Petrol. 


The downside of this car is that the back seat is damn cramp. But...

It has an enormous boot space, as compared to Honda Vezel. 

IMHO, I felt that it's abit overpriced now. But dealers are telling me that the price will increase soon, due to taxes in SG. 

Interested parties, kindly contact 90087688 for more info! I'm dealing with both brand new and used cars. Trade in welcome. 

All the above photos are copyright, kindly ask before you kop, thanks! 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Songkran in a nutshell!

To sum up my life these few days in BKK... (unless I took a cab!) 

1) Stressed about what to wear cos limited clothings. 

2) Kena splashed splashed splashed. 

3) Hide into shopping mall... cold... brr... 

4) Back to hotel WET.

5) Shower, wash clothes, bra and panty, dry it everywhere.

So I basically have phobia stepping out of hotel, cos that alley to & fro is... CRAZY. I'm thankful for the days I was dry.

Okay. Once in a lifetime experience, but once is enough. 😂 I'm going home to my babies liao! 

This trip, I explored a few new places, more about it soon. 😊

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hello Songkran!


Perks of SQ... and FREE FLOW ALCOHOL!!! 😬

My very big room! Shiok! Walking distance from Terminal 21 and only $60 per night! 😊

Many people are here now! Even my cousin is also coming on Friday! Hahaha so happening sia! 

Till then. Gonna get wet. 😂

Monday, April 10, 2017

Missing In Action

Sorry again. Too busy and lazy to blog. To make it up...

#throwback #Seoul #planninganotherone 

This place in JB is highly recommended yo! 👍🏻

I need to pack my luggage liao. Goodthebye! 👐🏻

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ready, Get Set, Go!

Counting down another 11 days to... SONGKRAN! I don't know what to expect cos I've never experienced it before. But Mel is gonna help me bring water gun liao, he said he has two. I was prepared to buy it there one. Prepared to be WET throughout the 5 days. 

Travelling with Mel is so shiok cos I literally 'zho bo lan', cos he do everything for me. From booking air ticket, to hotel, to changing currency, to filling up forms, to planning itinerary, all he do. 😂 (Well, I used to do all these de lor.) I just need to bring myself, $ and passport nia. 

And hor, I shop, he take things for me. Such friend, where to find sia??? 😬 

He always bring me to nice nice places too. Places that I don't even know it existed. 很美 hor?!

Anyway, I've something to announce next week. 😊

Friday, March 31, 2017

Cheapest in the whole market?


If you've come across the news about Royal Automotive leaving customers in lurch after paying a huge amount of money. Customers got tempted by their cheap price. 

See... I've told many customers before. The margin for new cars are more or less the same everywhere. And when the price is too good to be true, it's not true. 

I've heard about 'them' last year, way before the first news broke out. You know how small car trade is, whereby if your connections are wide enough, you can hear about everything. 

But becos it's trade news, we will just listen and avoid. I'll warn my customers, but will not say much. However, whether they listen or not is another story. 

That's why ah, I don't really bother about the deal if customer don't trust me. Becos 越描越黑. They will think I'm pushy and just wanted to earn their money. 😔

If you don't trust me, there's no point pushing and forcing. What I can assure is, you will get your car within the time frame promised, with everything nicely done up. I'm selling my service, not product. 

And rest assure I'll not disappear or hide when issue arises. On the contrary, I'll be there to help you solve the problem. That's exactly how I gained all my customers' trust and their continuous support. ☺️

Speaking of that, time to upload all my customers' feedbackssss. It's piling up like crazy and I've no time to do that! 

Thank you very much. 😊

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Shape of You

Sorry, I've been really busy... enjoying life. 😂 Eating and drinking from Singapore to Malaysia. ℓσℓ 

Planning to drive up to YP, Malacca and Genting soon. Then, maybe Port Dickson, Koh Samui, BKK (confirmed), Clubmed and HK. 😬

Life's short. Travel while you can. ✌🏻

Friday, March 17, 2017






Thursday, March 9, 2017

Crazy week!

Eh... Nope. I didn't sell anything since March started becos I over-chionged during Feb and this whole week, I slacked (meet friends lah, do nails lah and going for a 'date' tomorrow, lol) while settling some custs' issues. Those after-sales service lah. When problems (e.g. loan) arised, I need to think of solutions for them. But anyway, all settled! 😊 

Handed over Dyna on Wednesday, City just now, Merc probably next Monday. Phew! FINALLY. You know ah, as long as the vehicle is not handed over, those dealers are prepared to receive my msg/call almost everyday, until they auto update me the status. LOL 

Poor them. But they're still very happy to see me de hor. Cos I'm like their 正能量 and I'm funny. The friend of one of my trusted dealer told me today, "can you help me to find an agent like you?" 😂

Anyway, if you're following my page (, you'd have saw this new promo...

Okay, this bloody card costed me a bomb to customise it. So it's very very limited. 

In fact, I still can't decide to work or not cos on the other hand, I'm looking at holiday destinations to bring the kids to, for a short trip, during their school holiday. Becos after that, I'll be leaving for my own trips. 

So I'm really (literally) going for a one month holiday. 😬 Don't miss me hor! 🤣

Monday, March 6, 2017

Forget Me Not

In case you guys forget my face! 😂 I'm gonna stop working after my handovers and start my holidayssss!

Any enquiries, please contact me one month later! Hahahaha #justkidding You can contact me anytime. I've a partner who will see to everything for me when I'm not around. 😊

You know, I always thank God when I met nice people... 

And I do, meet nice dealers around. This dealer has never given me any problem before. That's why I love to deal with him. His cars and his character, are 👍🏻. 

I know, I jolly well know, the way I work will offend a lot of dealers. Even Sam told me, "becos of you". But well, I don't care. It's not that I sided with customers, but some dealers are fucking craps. 🖕🏻

I just don't understand, why some people can't earn money in a proper way? If your car is shit, then repair it. Don't sell a crap car at a dealer's price! 😒

But sorry, all these dealers have been blackmarked by me. No way I'll ever bring any customer to them. 

Another dealer told me, "I think you used your sincerity to touch people. I'm kinda influenced by you." 
Money, to me is nothing. As long as one learnt how to be contented, they will feel the same way as me. You know why? Becos it's fated. If it's not yours, God will take it away one day. If it's yours, it's yours. God will repay you in one way, or another. 

That's why, 莫强求, 听天由命.

Becos I've kids. And I want to be their good example. I've two beautiful daughters, whom one aspire to be a singer 😂, but I've no worries for her cos she's street smart. Another leechy one whom can amazingly study very well (she can learn her longgggg sentence spelling in 5 mins), but too homely. 😔

These two, although I don't pin any hope on them supporting me in future, but I want to do my part as a mum, like how my mum does. It's a cycle, which your kids will follow. 

All the things I'm doing now, are all for them only. If not ah, I'll just leave everything behind and FLY AWAY. My kids are my pillar of strength. Without them, I think I'll just ... *shrug*? Haha cos I felt that I've responsibility over them and I can't just leave lidat. 

One thing about me is, I don't easily get influenced by others, I influenced others instead. But I'm not a bad influence ah. 

I don't believe, by doing things the right way, one cannot be successful. As long as you don't greed, you can be successful. 💪🏻

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Friday, March 3, 2017

Joke of the century!

Lol, I'm a sticky pad. 😂 By the way, this is the 3rd person telling me what he said about me, and things he did behind my back. These 3 people; two knew him longer and better than me, another one is my friend. They're totally not associated with each other. 

3 people telling me the same thing, so who's the liar? Complaining to my friend about me? Idiot or what? Trying to manipulate my friend into thinking I'm a crap huh? Hahahaha (Didn't know you hate me that much eh?) 

GO GO GO, go and ask around, ask the whole world, what kind of person I am. My character didn't change, I'm like that since young. I'm an open book. 

I'm a man trapped in a woman's body. So independent and strong till I don't fucking need anyone in my life. And precisely I'm NOT a sticky pad, that's why you're able to do soooooooooooooo much behind my back. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much till I don't even know where to start talking about it. 

Though yes, the hours when we were together, you treated me very well. That's why when all these truths unfolded, I took a long long time to digest. It's unbelievable. 

Becos everytime I confronted, you will push it away, and made others the liar instead. I gave you too much benefit of doubts. 

You deserved the best actor award. 🏆

Who's the one controlling who? Who's the one who banned me from everything? Don't allow me to talk to any man, if not you will blow up and fight with them, and leave me stranded with house renovation without a single contact? Who's the one who forced me to give up blogging? Who's the one who don't allow me to contact all my friends? Who's the one who controlled me like a caged bird, to the point I can't even wear what I like? Who's the fucker who stirred my life upside down, and suddenly disappeared? 

Yah, I still believe you have a reason for doing so, but the reason is not a good one anymore. It's purely becos...


It's a habit that you have, and you probably didn't think that it's wrong to do that. The fools (including me) will believe you until things got exposed and landed ourselves in deep shit. You're so horrible, till my heart cringed and I shivered when I thought back about everything. 😰

You didn't physically torture me, but you mentally tortured me, and that's worse. 

Why did you even come near me? Becos to be very honest, I didn't give a fuck to you when we first met. (Just to clarify, I knew him AFTER my divorce.) I seldom reply your msgs, becos I just don't feel like it. You're not my type, at all. Are you just trying to prove that you can get me? By playing with feeling? Congratulations, you did it. 

The feeling was real, at the start, I know. But due to your character, you can't trust anyone, cos you're a liar, you think that everyone is the same. Worried that you'll get hurt first, you choose to hurt people first. What a way of protecting yourself, by ruining others? 

All along, I've never hate you, I pitied you instead. That's why I've been asking you not to do wrong and ruin yourself further. I've been trying to pull you back to the right path. You're such a promising young man, but you choose the wrong path. 

Maybe from your point of view, it's not wrong. 😪

Just becos I'm not like you, I do things in a proper and decent way, that's why you find me a hindrance. You know that I won't support you to become a villain. (In a good way, you left cos you don't want to get me into trouble.) 

But I didn't regret. 

Becos I won't be able to bring myself to do it, I've integrity. My reputation is more important than money. And I don't wish to suffer from retributions. 

By pointing out your wrongs, it's for your own good. Only people who are true to you will do that. Otherwise, who will have so much time to bother about a fucker like you? 

People scolded me for being stupid. Yes. I think I'm stupid too. But becos of this stupidity, I've become stronger and smarter.

Please note that, you're the one bringing yourself into your own grave, you're stepping on a time bomb now, and you will get yourself into deep trouble one day, becos SG is small. 

By stopping you from getting yourself into trouble, is my last step of loving you. I don't wish to see anything happen to you. 

Though by right, yes, I should hate you, but sorry, I don't hate anyone, becos hating someone requires a lot of energy. I don't wish to become another person, becos of you. 

I'm who I am, and I believe someone will love me for who I am. I wish you, and myself, happiness.

P/S: I didn't get cheated in terms of money. He does dotes on me and the kids. Just that the things he did behind my back, I cannot take it. And well, I'm not a saint, I played my fair share to cause the relationship to breakdown too. Which is why, I don't push blames.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Be a proper person...

And you will never have to hide from anyone. Can never understand what some people are thinking? They preferred to stay in their liar world, and continue their mistakes. Perhaps, they don't think they're wrong.

They probably didn't know that they only managed to hurt people who love and trust them. And maybe, they didn't know how hurtful it is, to find out all the truths. They didn't feel anything for people who are suffering for them. No, they don't. 

You can lie to the world, to yourself, but not to God, and not to the the unborn soul of your own flesh and blood. 

Realising how evil he is, made me relieved, that I didn't do anything impulsive. 

A person will not be stupid forever. And I only have two words to say to him... FUCK YOU. 

It's a blessing you're out of my life now. God loves me becos I'm kind, he made me wake up, if not I'll forever be living in a lie. 

My advise to you, the people you hurt, will not hurt you back for sure, but God will punish you. 

You can continue making up stories, to defame others, to make people trust you. Up to you. As long as you can sleep well at night. 

The people whom you still make effort to contact now, hahaha, are those who haven't wake up. And one day when they wake up, lol, will be too late. 

And don't worry, all the things you did to me, Ben Ben will return them to you DOUBLE. Trust me. You will have your karma one day. And if I'm lucky enough, I'll be able to see it. 

By then, don't blame me if I brushed through you, like a transparent. And I fucking swear, I'll live well, which I'm doing so now. 


P/S: Continue stalking my blog more please. I'll expose all your evil deeds slowly. Stay tuned hor. CCB. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Many people are so capable of doing this. It's okay. GOD IS WATCHING. Don't blame others when karma falls on you, becos you reap what you sow. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

I ❤️ my job! 😍

Remember my BMW's accident almost two years ago? It's a straight forward case. (My car stopped at traffic light, bus banged on it.) But due to some circumstances, the case is still hanging in mid air NOW. Received a call from lawyer two days ago, I'm unable to claim back the medical bills which I've paid. ☹️

Well, I'm not gonna push blames here. I can only blame myself becos...

My mum asked me to pursue the matter but I decided not to after hearing out from my lawyer. I'm at the losing end. But I'm not sad over it. This was what I msged my mum... 

There's a saying goes... "Your best teacher is your last mistake." 

Becos I received so many sudden customers' complaints and I don't know a single shit, I've no choice but to read up, google, ask around and take responsibility for everything. 😔

That's how I 'blindly' jumped into car trade, and I'm still learning along the way. I'm thankful to all the nice dealers I met, whom are so willing to teach & guide me along, and support me a lot. 

Of cos, there are plenty of obstacles which I've to cross and endure. However, I dislike posting negative stuffs. Not trying to boast when I posted about the cars I sold, it's a form of encouragement for me, to stay positive, always. 

There was once my mum asked me to give up this job, becos lol, kena bullied by dealer. I told her I'm not going to give up. I've come this far, I'll not give up. 
Yes, I love this job. I love how I managed to come up with a job scope and make it work out. (It meant to be a part time, but business is good! 😂) I love how I proved people wrong. I love how those who kept trying to bring me down and looked down on me, is doing what I'm doing now; a broker/agent. 😏

People have no idea how much I've gone through and survived. Though my family isn't poor (used to be poor), but I stopped using their money since I worked, 18 years old? Everything I have today, I worked hard for it (and with some God's love). I don't cheat, don't scam, and don't owe anyone money. Therefore, think twice before you try to 'ruin' me, becos 'what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger'.

Yeah, NO excuses, only results! ✌🏻

Monday, February 13, 2017

Shocking Surprise

Not expecting anything this Valentine's Day cos well, single mah. Was at AML today closing Alphard (and Stream) and I received a call... 

Delivery man: Hi, is this Ray? 
Me: Wrong number. 
Delivery man: Oh sorry, I'm actually delivering something to you, is this Joanne? 
Me: Huh?? From who? 
Delivery man: A person called Ray. 
Me: Wru now? 
Delivery man: Outside your house. 

I wasn't home, so he hanged it on my gate!
Lol, my trademark, too cute! 🐽 I found out who is the sender liao lah. Thanks ah "Ray". 😂 Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️❤️❤️

Closed! This customer has been waiting for me since last year. LOL! Sorry to keep you waiting. Proposed this car to him at 1pm, appointment at 5pm, closed in 10 mins. 😊 (Closed a Lexus last weekend too! ✌🏻) 

He's very pleased with the deal cos his dad is happy with the car. (Superb condition, super low mileage, and lowest depre in the market. Carplate quite chio too!) Glad to hear that! 🤗


See. I'm the least selfish hor. Too selfless and generous in fact until some people take it for granted. 😔

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Decluttering Senja & memories...

I wanna get rid of all these things. Ladder and trolley have been reserved, left with wheelbarrow, spade and that patch of grass. Anyone? There's no space in my bomb shelter at all. 

Also wanna get rid of the cushion ledge but no idea how to? Even if people want, I also don't know how they are going to move it? 

Slowly decluttering every part of him and us away. It's damn hard becos there are toooooooooo many. 

I've finally made the first step to ... move on. Blocked his number everywhere becos I'll only get more and more disappointed, not receiving any replies. He's avoiding me, and the more I care, the more desperate I seemed. ☹️

Cooked our favourite dish today. We had this almost everyday when renovating Senja. One of the similar thing about us is, we eat very simple food, and feel happy. As long as he was by my side, everything else doesn't matter. 😔

The little girl he doted on most is still talking about him from time to time. Upset as I am, but I can't show it. ☹️


Friday, February 10, 2017


Happening at now!!!
Everyone needs this card - as Cashcard for vehicle owner, Ezlink card for public transport user. Comes with a $50 value, as a "thank you" gift for all my supporters. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
Sorry that I've been eccentric lately. Sorry that you guys have to bear with my emo-ness. I'm not being myself everytime I got triggered. I tried my best not to already, but it's really hard. However, I know I'll get over this one fine day. Hope I can live that long to do so. LOL
If I ever leave the world one day suddenly, I just wanna let my family and kids know, I love them alot. I've done what I should already - completed my house reno.
There's nothing more to look forward to. I've achieved everything I wished for, am never a materalistic person. I hope people around me will live and do well! :)